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GTA5 action used for Police Computer?

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I finally found out how to remove/rebind the controller buttons (xbox 360 here), without having to use third parties programs (well, for the first part). Indeed, we can alter them in the game files directly (will write a guide eventually).

However I am facing a last (but not least) issue: I can't find how to "unbind" the Police Computer on my left bumper, so that I can reassign it with another button.
I thought it was like "deploy parachute" = "police computer" or whatever, which is used by the RageComputer mod ("launch grenade" = "open the computer"). 
But I can't find the proper action that triggers the police computer.

So, is it handled this way?

  • if yes, what action is it?
  • If no, is it really hardcoded, or is there a way so that I can unbind it from my LB button (without third parties app)
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I believe the controls for anything LSPDFR related are hardcoded in the mod and can't be changed (this will most likely be customizable in the future) 

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