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Future update ideas..

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Hey guys, 

First of all let me say a massive thank you and well done on the latest LSPDFR update, it works perfectly and is beyond my wildest expectations.

Now down to business,

Foot Pursuits: After playing for hours on end I've noticed there are a massive amount of vehicle pursuits but yet very few foot pursuits with such a level of sophistication, I'd love to be able to chase a suspect through the backyards and alleyways of Los Santos. 

If you lose sight of a suspect the blip on the radar disappears and you have to find them within the search area before they slip away for good. They could run either on foot or attempt to steal a vehicle, they could wait in the shadows, behind the landscape such as walls, trees, garbage bins or possibly inside buildings waiting to ambush responding officers. 

Character diversity: I've noticed with LCPDFR and now with this modification that there a great many different Patrol class Police peds and yet only three are being used much like in GTA IV where it was only a White, Black and Mexican cop to choose from and now it is still only three, yet when out on patrol there are many different Officer variations seen on the streets. I don't know if the other heads and such are unavailable for use or Sam, LMS and the others haven't been focused on implementing them but I think they'd make a great addition to the character selection menu. Also is there a way to get the Merry Weather ped/s into the selection? As they'd make a great intelligence/gang unit ped.

I'll update this with other ideas I can come up with and if the community have any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments below! |


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1 hour ago, HankVoight said:

Foot Pursuits: [...] They could run either on foot or attempt to steal a vehicle

This! I'm really hoping for this since the very first version :) I hate chasing suspect on foot (in the current state, where he runs as fast as me, and the AI needs a bit of improvement regarding directions etc).

Allowing them to actually steal a car and drive off would be nice, and adding realism as well. This, indeed improving the AI so that he doesn't run straight, and go the other way around when I get in front of him. I'd like to see them going over fences and such in residential areas, for instance.

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