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  1. HankVoight

    Los Santos Regional Police Pack [ELS]

    The CVPI doesn't have any take downs but other do, not sure if intentional or not.
  2. So I was just installing a new siren and noticed something strange.. The siren hashes are all different now, some people may have found this out already and some not but the original hashes for police tones are no longer in the game directory (see picture below). Is there an updated hash list or do we no longer have the ability to have custom sirens? I also noticed the file size for the vehicles.awc directory is now over 16000 when it used to be unable to go over 15K
  3. HankVoight

    Need a livery maker

    Like the title says I need someone who is at least decent at making vehicle skins to complement my upcoming BCSO pack. If you feel like this is you, send me a pm and we'll talk.
  4. Would anyone by chance be able to point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to do this please?
  5. Edit; it worked! Thanks for the help!
  6. Oh really, I'll try that now. Cheers!
  7. Every single piece of unlocked interior lighting only has environmental lighting facing backwards and not forwards making it very difficult to make unmarked/slicktop vehicles unless you don't care about such things but I do. Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to flip dummies or set up new ones to make the lights face forward?
  8. HankVoight

    Moving Spotlights on Models?

    I have been wanting to do this for a long time, especially considering with all of the unlocked interior lighting with take down capabilities not facing the proper way and no solution to fixing that just yet this would be a really neat thing to be able to do but as far as I know it isn't possible. There is a spotlight script available that last time I checked still worked though. It just means modelers have to position the spotlights to face forward on models instead of folded down or at weird angles.
  9. HankVoight

    OffRoad Chevy MiniPack!

    Just out of curiosity.. Since when did dash cams and reversing mirrors come in one combined little package?
  10. HankVoight


  11. HankVoight

    Sandy Shores/Senora Valley Police (4K)

    I legit feel sorry for poor Slendis having his cars attached to this piss poor attempt at texturing.
  12. HankVoight

    Sandy Shores/Senora Valley Police (4K)

    Holy fuck
  13. HankVoight

    Westchester County, NY

    I've always been a big fan of their setups and liveries, it's a shame there's only one car. Nice job though
  14. HankVoight

    New Calls Coming Soon

    What we need is more less priority callouts. Shot's fired, back up needed and all the other higher priority callouts have been done to death. Literally every callout plugin available has these already. Things like; welfare checks, stopping people in car parks drinking (either in vehicles or on foot), loitering, people 'tagging' buildings (graffiti), trespassing on private property (residential and commercial properties), domestic disturbance's (noise complaints - fighting, music too loud, tv too loud (could open up to finding someone deceased or in need of EMS). And more regular police jobs like those I mentioned above. Not everything has to be a code 3, bullets flying ,1000 mile per hour call out because it really isn't anything like that on the job. Hopefully you'll take those suggestions into consideration and if you need any more ideas feel free to pm me as I have plenty more.
  15. HankVoight

    LA looking vehicles