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New Non-fiction Police/Fire/EMS Show (Nightwatch)

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So this is my new favorite show. It is action packed, and an emotional rollercoaster. My favorite part is that it gives follow up to all of the calls taken that night. It's on A&E, but can be found online.



hey thanks for that clip. i dont watch tv so i have never heard of it but i will look it up right now. i've never seen a show where you go along with the ems so it could be a great show. good post :)

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I must agree i love watching this show, especially it being in my homestate mabey 40 mins from my house!

Wow! Definitely seems interesting, I'll definitely give it a try, and I never knew New Orleans was so intense!

LOL New Orleans is the murder capital of the U.S. It is deff very intense and corrupt!

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