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    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Deleting old video links that dont exist anymore.
  2. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Hello everyone Hope you are not snowed in too bad over there...today we are using some blue skins with white lights..and i really liked them. Thanks for watching and i hope you like the video
  3. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Hello everyone :D We are back with another Youtube Premiere episode with some very funny calls that we end up going to. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and hope you get a good laugh..if you like my content please consider subscribing to the RyArmy
  4. RyWilson

    [ELS] Nissan GT-R R35 Slicktop

    Howdy Walters :D Was great to see Iggy using this car..so i came over to try it myself..was a very nice car and was pleased to see you had a couple lore friendly skins. very nice job..now i'll wait for the non slicktop version...maybe....
  5. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Howdy everyone!! If ya missed my Kuff stream tonight..no worries..i got ya covered. it was a blast..seriously a great time with some good roleplay...and Karla got into a little trouble on the Great Ocean Highway..so grab some snacks and come hang out..if you like my content, please consider subscribing :D
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    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Happy Monday Hope you all had a great weekend...it was windy and rainy here :( but glad you came back to see my channel. One of my favorite patrols is a bike patrol..so here we go
  7. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Whats up everyone :D Today we have a North Carolina State Patrol. I had a completely new build game so had no crashes for a change..so hell yeah!! But it was a really fun stream so hope you get to check me out!!
    i just installed this and of course i can echo many of the good comments left. very slick presentation..easy to use..very integrated..i will also agree with one other person about the EMS feature. that is the ONLY thing this is missing. i also do not use an EMS script, so the standard EMS is all i have. so i can't use this for my streams or i'll have to leave bodies laying in the road HAHA..but i'll absolutely keep my eyeballs peeled and i do hope you get a chance to add EMS in the future. great job!
  8. RyWilson

    2016 FPIU SHERIFF SLICKTOP (first skin ever made)

    hey rusty :) thank you for taking time to make something for the community..there is work to be done...but it will only help to make you a better modder in the future. happy new year buddy :)
  9. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    duh duh dun hello guys!! how you doing? so today we have TWO patrols..kinda..i started up a stream and after a while it crashed, so i started up a second one..so here are the stream links. Hope you enjoy and if you wanna see your state or country in a patrol please lemme know
  10. RyWilson

    Illinois State Police Skin Pack [4K]

    hey trooper :) i used your skins tonight and i found some other cars that i was able to use them on :) Thanks for takin the time to make these for us.
  11. RyWilson

    Illinois State Police

    How's it goin charles!! I used your textures today so wanted to make sure i came by to say thank you for making them for us. Happy New Year :)
  12. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Hellloooo everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all have a safe one tonight if ya go party..but if you decide to stay in i have a patrol using the finest 2016 Impala i've seen or used..omg it's beautiful <3 This was a fun stream..action packed..but the star of this one was the car. I hope you enjoy the video and please hit that like button :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdyVbpHJSDY&t=229s
  13. this may or may not help..but i was having an issue for a week..tried everything..and it ended up being Cheep Callouts. soon as i removed it the game started right up like it always has. not sure if it was because of the newest GTA update..but either way, my game runs smooth as ever. again, sorry if this doesnt apply to you..but wanted to throw it out there just in case. if that is not the case i wish you luck
  14. for "basic" LSPDFR gameplay you technically only need LSPDFR then install updated Ragehook. If you want to use ELS cars, then you will need to install Scripthook V. with those three things you can easily patrol around town with some sweet cars with little strain on your system. This should keep your total game at about 70Gb. But, without installing other callouts you will be limited to certain random events and a few calls. In order to get more calls you will need to install any one of about 40 callout packs. I would suggest using the ones that are the newest. make sure you check for updates frequently so you dont get game crashes. Also, remember the more you install the more strain you put on your game and pc. My current LSPDFR folder is around 103 GB. But my pc can run it..so ya just gotta be mindful of what you are doing. Good luck
  15. RyWilson

    Is there any usable K9 mod?

    Darkmyre has a great k9/partner mod on his site at darkmyregaming.net
  16. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Before the holidays are officially over..here is our 2018 Christmas LSPDFR patrol! Using some nice skins by Harrison90 we patrol Los Santos in our Silverado!! Hope you like the stream and the skins by Harrison. Hope you enjoy
  17. RyWilson

    [ELS] 2016 Chevrolet Impala LTZ

    hey ghost. seriously one of the finest slicktops i've driven on a stream!! now, the lightbar on the marked unit showed up white for me up close and then got red/blue in the distance..that wasn't enough for me to give less than five stars though cuz that slicktop is bad assery. i'll def be putting this in my perm folder
  18. RyWilson

    Christmas 2.0 (4K)

    Thanks again Harrison for taking the time to provide us YouTuber's with christmas skins for our holiday content. It is always anticipated greatly and we do appreciate the work..we really do. Great looking skins and if people take the time to look they can use several different cars on this forum with these skins :)
  19. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Today we are patrolling Los Santos in a Silverado :D There are more cars in this pack..which happens to be the best rotator pack i've ever used. I seriously had a great time on this patrol..so make sure ya come hang out for a bit...hit that like button..and if you like my content, please come subscribe :)
  20. RyWilson

    Christmas 2.0 (4K)

    yes!! i have been waiting :D thanks Harrison for making our holidays around here fun. we look forward to it!!
  21. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    Hey guys Today we are on patrol in an all blue pack with christmas tree style lighting. was an exciting patrol and you can't help but love the lights on these cars Hope you enjoy and please consider subscribing to see more of me
  22. RyWilson

    Officer RyWilson on patrol :D

    hello everyone today i am posting a patrol we used some nice blue and white skinned cruisers..simple..yet nice!! Make sure ya click on the link in the video description to get those cars because they are worth it!! I had a great time using them and i hope you get a chance to come check me out
    Quite simply the BEST ROTATOR PACK EVER! i could go on and on about these cars..which i did during the stream..but there isn't enough time to say all the good things about this..the rotators..the light cast off buildings..the decals..the models..it's as good as it can get. Thanks for coming to the stream Robert!! Everybody GET THESE CARS and save them forever..you won't regret it..now we just need some lore skins for other departments!! Fantastic job to everyone involved in this project
  23. RyWilson

    Georgia Styled - San Andreas State Police Pack

    very nice cars HP! liked using the pack and wanted to come by and leave a review. hopefully we'll see some more work from you soon