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Police Radio Mod for Dispatch

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So I was going through and I haven't seen anyone stating about a Radio mod that would allow players to communicate with other players in game or utilize a player modification that would be a plugin for Teamspeak 3 and allow users to feel as if they are in an environment of radio communication.


Would be helpful for those who are looking at realism and immersion within their team or community.

If you haven't heard of it I would look at a plugin for ArmA known as ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) it's a plugin where it allows users to use teamspeak 3 and in game they hear players as if they were real life. So if you were next to the player, you could communicate with them, however when you got further away communication would become harder where you would have to either yell for them to possibly hear you, or utilize a radio.


Anyone thinking of doing this modification? definitely one that I would consider to be a top priority for LCPDFR to give the community a high amount of realism and immersion

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Also to get the rights to develop plugins for TS you need to pay for a developers licence, that is probably the biggest issue so far, because from a coding standpoint it should not be hard to do everything else.

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All great additions but not exactly what I was talking about along the lines.


Something like this:




If it's developer pricing that's the problem, which I'm not sure if it is or is not, then I understand but I would be willing to pay for it if someone was going to develop it. I believe this modification would be a great addition to LCPDFR for realism and all teams/groups would greatly benefit.

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