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Light Bar disappearing issue

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Well I have this weird issue with my light bars they seem to disappear when you get too far away from the vehicle. The ELS still runs on the vehicle you can see the lights from els on the ground but the bar and the extra's them self disappear when you get about 2 car lengths away. Is there a way for me to fix this if so could someone point me to a video showing me how or go in depth on how it can be fixed?


Thank you for taking the time to read this topic and even more thank you for trying to assist me on fixing this issue!



Keagan Whitelaw

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What I first do when I import a lightbar is open all the parents and delete any L1s. (You can use the L1s that the lightbar gives you but I'm doing this to show you how to do it if a lightbar doesn't have L1s)

So the L1s are all deleted.

So now that we have the L1s deleted, we can do Select>Quadr and make sure you have Selected mode ON and select the whole lightbar. Then go up to Create>Copy and copy the lightbar. Now a second lightbar will pop up.

What you want to do with the second lightbar is open all the parents and rename all the L0s to L1s.

Now you want to move all the childs we renamed to L1 and move them up into the first lightbar we had. Now you have to select the lightbar again because if you don't the first lightbar will only move and the second won't. Then you can move your lightbar to where ever you wish.


Hope this helped!

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Its the exact same setup regardless if you made the lightbar or someone else did. Make a copy of it and rename it with L1 on the end like Forward explained. 


Just a tip, for the L1's remove any small details to save polys and keep the size as low as possible. You don't need to see screws or small details for the L1's because your going to be at a distance where that stuff isn't necessary.

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