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9/11 tribute - Never Forget (Avsports23)

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Beautiful gameplay, beautiful music beautiful message on behalf of Mike Oscar Gaming we salute you and all the NYPD,FDLC,port authority police officers,everyone who lost there life's and everyone who responded to that first call. 


on behalf of all Scottish people: we will remember...







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Wow bro, that is one well done video; very touching....very sad.  Who'd have thought those two words used with a GTAIV vid.


Thanks for posting the work.



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I myself am a Christian. Sometimes I ask myself, why would a God who is perfect and loves us so much, put so many families and lives in fear, and in the grave. I can only hope that somehow, this helped the United States of America really rememer who is in charge. I have never really been directly affected by this, but I get a little teary every time I think about, or even hear about it for that matter. I remember being in Pre-K, and my mother rushing to get me and my friend. It sounds silly now, but people were genuinely worried that there would be attacks all across the United States. I just can't imagine if anybody in my family were one of the casualties. My deepest condolences go to the families, and the victims for that matter. Their lives were cut short. May they rest in peace.

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