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Lightbar changing?

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Hey guys how are you? Can somebody tell me how I can change a Lightbar on a Ford Crown Victoria I want to change the Lightbar to a Whelen Edge 9000. I hope you guys can help me with that thank you ;)


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As most models are locked changing the lightbar for a CVPI is not gonna be easy. Zmodeler is needed to do this. It ain't easy to get the hang of Zmodeler. It took me at least 2 weeks to understand a shit about it. Another thing is you have gotta to remap ELS. If you want a Whelen Edge lightbar just use the Honolulu PD one. Edit the emerlights.png(this is to change the lightbar glass color) and the emerlights_emis.png(to edit the LED module of the lightbar) using photoshop or any other software that can be used to edit pictures. Don't use any windows/Microsoft programs like picture manager to edit. It's of no use.

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