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Lag problem ( Directx 11 ? )

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Hello everyone,

I just changed my computer for a new Acer Aspire AM3970-EB15P. It uses a ATI Radeon HD 7470 with 2gb Graphic card and it works under windows 7. However, after installing GTA IV and the last patch, the game is still lagging a lot. I don't know why, I bought that computer because it was better than my older one ( which was running GTA IV pretty fine but the computer died ) I was using a HP Pavillon but don't remember exactly the spec ...

I've placed directx 11 in the tittle because I found somewhere that it might not work with GTA IV, which is only compatible with Directx 9. I tried many things to put dx9 in my computer instead of dx11, or simply got both, but I was not able ...

Anyone can help me with that ? I don't know what I could possibly do, and I want to keep playing lcpdfr.

Thanks to every one for the future help,




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Processor Type Intel Core i7-3770

Processor Speed 3.4 GHz

Processor Cores 4


Hard Drive Capacity 2 TB 

Hard Drive Speed (Revolutions Per Minute) 5400 RPM

Optical Drive DVD+/-RW with DVD-RAM

Graphics Card Radeon HD 7470

Pre-loaded Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium



Dedicated Video Memory No

Shared Video Memory No

Video Memory 2 GB

TV Tuner No



 Computing Features

  Processor Cache 8 MB

System Bus Information Not Available

Available Hard Drive Bays 1 Internal

Available Optical Bays No

Available PCIe Slots No

Available PCI Slots No

Available AGP Slots No

Available Memory Slots No

Removable Storage No

Power Supply 300 W

Energy Star Qualified Yes



Operating System Language


Loaded Software

Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel; Bing Bar; Windows Live Essentials


Sorry for the delay, I was working all day.

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Update your hard drive and GPU ASAP. Seriously, 5400 rpm HDD is beyond slow and the GPU is somewhat (is) a basement value card. A solid Raptor HDD, or SSD (maybe SAS HDD)... will net you better frame rates alone...

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Thanks a lot for your anwsers guys. I'm going to check it out .. my cpu is brandnew, I can still change it for a better one at store so I'm going to take a look. Anyone has an Idea of the minimum Hard Drive speed needed for gta iv ? And I'm not really good into computers, what does GPU means ?

Again, a big thanks for both of you !

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GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), aka your graphics card handles 95% of your systems graphic chores (pixel shaders, vertex processing, texturing, post processing, etc...). A good 7200 rpm WD or Seagate is good place to start with... If you have some money saved up, a good SSD would be even better.

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allright. But that's weird ..my old harddrive was a way slower than my new one ( about 4000 rpm .. ) and was running gta pretty fine .. so I bet my problem is on my gpu ! 


Thank you again ! 

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