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Traffic Flow V5 is a simple script for GTA IV that updates the game's memory every 15 seconds

with vehicles of your choice which helps to provide more diverse traffic within GTA IV.


  • Randomly loads vehicles into the game's memory from a configurable pool of 20 vehicles.
  • Emergency services responding to calls throughout the city.


  • This script requires the .NET ScriptHook for GTA IV, please see: http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=392325
  • This script functions automatically and contains an .ini configuration file where the vehicle pool can be customized.

What's New in Version V5 R2


  • Added options to the .ini file to allow you to define the update rate and the frequency of emergency responses.

User Feedback

it doesn't work with me.I still have the same f*cking problem when i put a mod car in de game that i see evrywhere taxi caps.Can you help me, and will you help me ?

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So I downloaded this and I have the loader and script hook. For the first 10 minutes or so I see taxi's and two or three other cars, slowy cars disapear until only once in a while there is anything not a taxi and after 15-20 minutes I only see taxi's again. Any ideas?

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@Mage25 - What'cha thinking about updating? Ideas? Share! SAM did a great job with this in the first place...got me curious what YOU would change.

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Whenever I install this mod it screws with my graphics hardcore. Such as the buildings don't appear at all. I'm playing this on a laptop thats brand new but a cheapo with not that great of hardware in the first place, but does anyone know of any other way i can fix this?

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I have the same issue with weberstudios, and I'm running this on a desktop.

If you need absolutely need a traffic fix mod, I'd recommend using the TrafficControlSystem Mod, if this one is too system-intensive for your computer.

It's the same concept, although it selects from a wider variety of cars (not just twenty), and doesn't drain system resources as much.

However, since the car choice is completely random, you'll get some weird, and sometimes funny occurrences, like old ladies riding on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, homeless men driving FDLC fire trucks, and businessmen in 1000$ Italian suits driving Trashmaster garbage trucks, etc.

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the mod worked for 1 day, then it bugged my textures, all the roads and buildings disappeared. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times both the game and mod and the mod always causes the same problem. If the problem was fixed it would be a great mod, but until then I can't use it.

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Quick question: Is it easily configurable to add 5 more cars to this list of 20? Or is there more to it than that? I will poke around, but curious to see if it was easily done.

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You Da Man Sam!!!! Completely stoped my crashes. So far. Only played about 40 mins. BUT! None the less a million times better then the .asi i had before. How ever. There is one issue. Seems to me that the texture glitch is back :'( never had it before this one. Not sure what it could be. going to try to realign GTA IV on my hard drive and realign all the game files. See if that helps. Will post back shortly.

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Ya i just confirmed it Sam, It got to the point where the only textures that would even load was a 1 block radius around where you pick your cruiser (closest to Niko's house) As soon as i would leave that area by playing bumper cars with invisible buildings. It would vanish also. None of the textures would reload either. So i put in a older TrafficFix.asi And i havent had a glitch yet. I must say though. Yours spawn much more variety. Could just be my PC plz help?


Core2Duo @ 2.8ghz

4gb DDR3 Kingston Ram @ 800mhz (2 - 2gig sticks)


500GB HD

BFG GTS 250 1Gig OverClock Edition (Clock:750 Mem:1120 Shader:1836)

I thought i would be more then sufficient. When i use the .asi I get full textures (50view 50 detail) at 40 fps minimal stuttering.

With the script i get the same fps but with absolutly no textures except for peds and vehicles.

I did however notice that when the building textures are gone i can see what seems to be hundreds of cars driving around on the roads. Could it be a fault some where? Causeing the game to divert all the memory to the traffic script and leave none for loading textures? Not sure. Just insight.

Thanks for reading this. Any comments/help are always appreciated,


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I also confirm this R2 causes the world to stop loading as if a memory leak, the game then becomes to a 1fps.. and then it will CTD with "GTA Has stopped responding"

however the non R2 version continues to work flawlessly for me

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