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Traffic Flow  V5 R2


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  • Submitted: Apr 12 2011 11:57 pm
  • Last Updated: Mar 27 2012 07:34 pm
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Traffic Flow V5 is a simple script for GTA IV that updates the game's memory every 15 seconds
with vehicles of your choice which helps to provide more diverse traffic within GTA IV.

  • Randomly loads vehicles into the game's memory from a configurable pool of 20 vehicles.
  • Emergency services responding to calls throughout the city.

  • This script requires the .NET ScriptHook for GTA IV, please see: http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=392325
  • This script functions automatically and contains an .ini configuration file where the vehicle pool can be customized.

What's New in Version V5 R2 (See full changelog)

  • Added options to the .ini file to allow you to define the update rate and the frequency of emergency responses.


this kinda sucks, when you turn on the sirene's cars wont go the side for you :(

this kinda sucks, when you turn on the sirene's cars wont go the side for you :(

thats because you use ELS
Has nothing too do with ELS
yea its because of ELS! press H instead of G if u want cars to make room for u. i know its kinda dumb.
it doesn't work with me.I still have the same f*cking problem when i put a mod car in de game that i see evrywhere taxi caps.Can you help me, and will you help me ?
the traffic flow mod that comes with toronto mod is very good
where do i get this game
steam, gamestop.com, most likely amazon, if you cant find it at either of the places your doing something wrong. if necessary google it.
The script works fine, I it like but it gets my textures bugged, is there any way to fix this? :/
Thanks for this, finally a traffic mod that works. Good buy taxis.

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