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    Wilhelm got a reaction from theninja35 in Ford has revealed the new 2020 Ford Explorer   
    Just like the rest of em
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in Ford has revealed the new 2020 Ford Explorer   
    *sharp inhale
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in National flags are gone   
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    Wilhelm reacted to ineseri in VFEmail hacked - Decades of data lost   
    So I was reading this article, linked below, about a recent incident with email provider VFEmail. Apparently, someone 'hacked' into their datacenter and wiped all data. A catastrophic destruction of all of its servers by an unknown assailant who wiped out almost two decades' worth of data and backups in a matter of hours.
    As a sysadmin myself, I feel for these people. Also a good reminder to everyone, if you have a backup, keep the backup somewhere where the main data isn't. 
    Source: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/02/catastrophic-hack-on-email-provider-destroys-almost-two-decades-of-data/?fbclid=IwAR22wx1RzNdmHzvQc4a2Vcg7uDF9ikjRvCNW4O2-40ETlr50ZTZBUnDFTLo
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    Wilhelm reacted to EightBall in 89' Caprice - Short music video & pics   
    What a gorgeous model 😍



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    Wilhelm got a reaction from thunder winkle in Who here uses a Racing Wheel and MTMenu   
    *den Konig 😉
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from PlanetZing in Beach Callouts?   
    Albo1125's tutorial is pretty decent. He'll walk you right through it! One thing I will say, is that you'll need a good grip on C# .NET development.
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Luce.Benson in EUP changes its skin   
    This topic has been moved to GTA V Support. 
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    Wilhelm reacted to Officer Hightower in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    somewhere the devs are facepalming while laughing hysterically at some of the kiddos whining about the release.  I won't lie.  I'm stoked for the new release.  I could care less if my mods aren't up to snuff yet, as I usually just play the new release vanilla anyway.  So I feel the anticipation welling up inside just as everyone else.  But they'll release it when they are sure it's ready.  They set a goal of February, so they got a 28 day window to do so.  Hell they could just be jerking your chains and release it at 11:59pm on the 28th.  🙂
    To the devs:  we know it's been a long road and you all will feel a collective release of stress upon release of the mod.  So thank you for your tireless efforts and we await your prize.
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    Wilhelm reacted to Officer Wade in Dickson County Sheriff Tennessee pack W.I.P   
    I was asked via PM if I could make some Dickson County Sheriff textures for some different vehicles.
    ( Buddy, If you're reading this can you contact me again, I've deleted all my messages by mistake )
    And as I was experimenting with reflective textures, I though I might as well trial these.
    If all goes according to plan I will make a complete pack where people can make their own reflective textures without going into Zmodeler3 ( handy for those of you that have no experience in using Zmod3 )
    The models I've converted so far are.
    Ford Taurus
    16 Impala
    16 FPIU
    I will be doing more vehicles over the next few days.
    I'll add some different equipment options to each vehicle.

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    Wilhelm reacted to Officer Wade in How to make emergency lights brighter   
    Try installing this bud
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    Wilhelm reacted to ISPfan12 in ISPfan12's WIPs   
    Been playing with scratch building stuff in Z3
    Federal Signal XStream single and dual dash light

    Federal Signal Latitiude 8,6, and 4 head

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    Wilhelm reacted to Fox7 in Ambient NON Callout events?   
    Thank you Wilhelm 🙂
    Your totally right. My best friend is a real-life British Police officer and he loves what he calls 'pro-active' Policing. Finding crime before its reported. being able to prevent a crime and not always having to deal with it after the fact. He believes a great Police officer is one that has a gut feeling and eye for clues and signs of a 'potential' crime. He loves night shifts and prowling the streets in his car and stop checking vehicles at 3am and walking the back alleyways looking for potential things and not just waiting on calls. 
    This is definately what i ache for in LSPDFR. Yes there are some amazing Callout mods and i love getting those calls on my radio to go attend a crime but i always crave to see signs of things about to occur due to my vigilance no matter how petty the incident i see is. It doesnt have to be a Murder or kidnapping or Rape or Terrorist act. Even just a unconscious person thats had a heart-attack or too much to drink. A lost child or pet. A burning car in a parking lot, a burglary alarm or car alarm, an argument outside a club or home, a broken down Ambulance or bus etc or even simply a person waving me down  to ask directions.
    Every-day ambient moments that are not too extreme to make the game stressful or crazy yet active enough to keep my vigilant and aware between calls 🙂
    I will read up more on the very exciting upcoming 0.4 and the mods you mentioned. I get a bit nervous of mods that change the game to a large extent, especially things that change the whole game environment in case it breaks the LSPDFR callout and script mods. I would much prefer this to be built into LSPDFR so that all other supporting mods are compatible. 
    So i really hope the future patches and developments in and to 0.4 will just enrichen what i mentioned. i have HUGE faith in the LSPDFR team 🙂 
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in Els cars   
    When creating ELS models, each set of lights is combined together into an "extra". That's what you can toggle on/off in the trainer under "vehicle components". Now, these extras are usually used for additional, toggle-able, features on vehicle models. For example, the ride-on lawnmower has an extra for the blade cover underneath it.
    When ELS flashes, what its actually doing is showing and hiding these extras, which are made of a material which is bright (an emmissive). Whereas non-ELS models use the same mechanics as the vanilla lightbars. These models tend to be a fair bit harder to make as they require a carcols file.
    ELS uses all 12 possible extras (although ELS can be configured to use less, however this would mean less flashing lights). Usually, modellers will group together all these additional objects, which are not the emmissives, and have them under a "misc_a" group. Sometimes a rambar will be togglable, but that's generally about it.
    Consider when you add ELS to the default ambulance and try to switch it on, the rambar on the ambulance will flicker on and off, because it is an extra on the model.
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    Wilhelm reacted to 0taku in Edmonton, Ontario McDonalds Gang Stabbing!   
    This is one of the reason several of the McD (and other 24hr fast food places) around my area lock thier doors after 10PM and only have the drive-thur open.
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from jitsuin666 in LSPDFR Feels Like A Demo WIth No Purpose   
    LSPDFR is packed will a lot of capabilities, like you've outlined. A lot of LSPDFR's more complex, more awesome features come from plugins and scripts contributed by the community. That way members of the community can adapt LSPDFR for their own personal tastes and so on.
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in LSPDFR Feels Like A Demo WIth No Purpose   
    LSPDFR is packed will a lot of capabilities, like you've outlined. A lot of LSPDFR's more complex, more awesome features come from plugins and scripts contributed by the community. That way members of the community can adapt LSPDFR for their own personal tastes and so on.
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in EUP FBI vest   
    Try this one, while it does say FIB rather than FBI, its a starting point.
    I noticed that you had commented on the file that you linked above saying you were having trouble with it. Perhaps its just a case of following through the installation process again?
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from sixium in Community Team Staffing Update - 15 January 2019   
    Hello and thank you!
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    Wilhelm got a reaction from lovkal in Community Team Staffing Update - 15 January 2019   
    Hello and thank you!
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    Wilhelm reacted to liverlande in Ways to boost my fps?   
    You have to remember that when you play the game without any modifications, everything you do and see has been finetuned by a studio with a million dollar plus budget. This finetuning means that everything is meant to work together. Modifications work differently and often work through reverse engineering the game with little official information on how the internals work. Modifications such as RAGEPluginHook run as additional scripts interacting with the game, which means additional processing power.
    There are some things you can do to try to optimize the impact, but the bottom line is that you just may need to upgrade your hardware (CPU and RAM will especially help in the case of LSPDFR and LSPDFR plugins). Some things you can try on an upper level are:
    Adjust GPU settings for the game (NVIDIA Control Panel, AMD Catalyst (?)) Use lower poly models if your hardware can not handle a large amount of polys in one location. LSPDFR  and LSPDFR plugins may call in modded vehicles such as police units more frequently than you'd see them in the base game Ensure you are using a high performance power plan in Windows 10 Ensure components aren't being throttled, ensure you have adequate cooling and ventilation Adjust settings in game, especially those that use CPU (population variety is one of them, you can google for more) Optimize the plugins themselves where possible. Plugins will often have a configuration file (.ini, .xml) where you can tweak certain parts of the script. The included readme may recommend certain options to tweak in favor of performance Similar to above, some plugins will bog the game down no matter what you tweak. Try removing certain plugins and finding less demanding alternatives Close applications and programs that you do not need. This gives more processing power to the game
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    Wilhelm reacted to SCPDUnit23 in emissive lights   
    In zmod you need to move the light materials all the way up but right before Default Material in the Material Browser. Otherwise the glass will cover up the lights
    The materials may be named differently but its always a vehicle_lightemissive type and its usually says emergency lights, dashlights etc.

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    Wilhelm got a reaction from Ezra in Community Team Staffing Update - 15 January 2019   
    Hello and thank you!
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    Wilhelm reacted to Sentinel55 in Lights move seprate from the lightbar base?   
    Just uncheck the ' Affect Children ' box.

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    Wilhelm got a reaction from DeputyDubbaU in WVSP Uniforms   
    Hi DeputyDubbaU,
    The best way to go about doing this, is to extract the ped model's textures for the actual uniforms to separate folders. From here, you'll need to make edits to the texture by creating layers above it. As far as ped texturing goes, it can be quite tricky, because its difficult to work out where the curves of the ped lay and so on.
    Once you've made the edits you want (and its better to do this with small changes and often), replace the texture in OpenIV and load up the ped model using the YDR file. You can take a look at what you've changed and whether you need to make any further edits.
    When you're done, you can take the textures in your folders, place them into a ZIP and release it as a texture pack (remember not to include the models themselves without proper permission from the model-maker.
    If you've ever done any vehicle texturing, its a similar process.
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