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  1. connn911

    Law Packs+

    Finally, this will complete my LSPDFR experience. Thank you so much. I recommend this for anyone trying to add more immersion to their game. -Black_Stag
    It was a pleasure participating in the development of this plugin. It is a must download! Great work.
    This pack is a great addition to those who like lore friendly skins, would definitely recommend. Keep up the good work! -black_stag
    Great skin, you should also make a noose variant!
  2. After I installed two new police cars, which required me to edit the cavarations and vehicle meta, there isn't any engine or siren sound attached to that vehicle when I drive them in the game. Since I'm not new installing cars or other mods, I went back to look at both of the files that I edited and everything seemed to check out. So could some one tell me exactly what controls the audio attached to the car. For example is it the cavarations I need to fix or the vehicles meta. thanks I found the solution
  3. Great textures, but could you also add bxbugs cvpi and charger?
  4. connn911

    Police cars stuck

    wow i had the same problem Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. connn911

    RDE Liveries for LSPD/LSSD/SAHP 4k

    OMG YES, Finally YES!!!!!!! I love it!
  6. connn911

    2016 LSPD FPIU

    Great car! In the future could you add the feature for making the in game tinted windows work?
  7. Great job on the skins, any chance you will add one for the ford toures 2013? The newer one in downloads.
  8. connn911

    2013-15 LSPD FPIU

    Fantastic model, great job! Lots of lights, not that it's a bad thing but maybe you could add them as extras.
    This is a great skin so far, real professional work. I can't wait for the future additions!
  9. connn911

    Beren's Workshop

    I love these skins, great job!
  10. connn911

    Vision V ENB N.G

    Ok, thanks for the info