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  1. well the cars i used didn't work, they where non ELS cars, I did copy there meta lines, but it didn't work, so no Iam using ELS cars, they do work and its great, only need to find out how els is working with ALBO SirenMastery as they need some config changes, for using the same keys etc, but thanks for willing to help tho
  2. yes but they are not els cars :(, so i guess it wont work?
  3. @Albo1125 If i add some more police cars, with the help of the mod :Added Police Car Slots, non of the lightbars are working, even if i copy there meta lines, I can fix it, can you help?
  4. @72will i got the meta installed but the bar on top is not working, only a blue texutre on the right size, can you help me out?
    Nice finally a good prison bus. great job!
    Yeah finally Love you bro waited so long for this Love this work man amazing job, Iam gonna donate :)
  5. @CanadapoliceOfficial Can you make this verion of this truck? please please :) http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars-402/67697-dodge-ram-3500-plow-truck/
  6. Please pleas please make this into a ambulance please
  7. @FREE2017 and what are the stats on the mod for gta 5?
  8. @Bxbugs123 Can you make a dodge magnum model?
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