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  1. Textures I made of my home city Paterson, New Jersey. Police, Fire, EMS, Sheriff, DPW, New Jersey Transit and other textures coming soon.
  2. pilo88

    Crashing after the update.

    I had a similar problem like you. I moved all .asi file to my desktop and started ragehook and it worked. I put the .asi files back one by one and started ragehook until I found it was NoBoundaryLimits.asi causing the crash. It could be different for you its worth a shot.
  3. pilo88

    Could use some help Please!

    Cool! Glad it worked for you.
  4. pilo88

    GTA 5 crashing at loading screen.

    Screenshot your main GTA folder. I had the same problem and for me it was a .asi file that caused the crash. After removing all the .asi files the game didn't crash so I started putting them back one by one I found out it was the "NoBoundaryLimits.asi"
  5. pilo88

    Crashing after the update.

    Remove EnableMPCars.asi, NoMoSloMo.asi, NorthYankton.asi, OpenInteriors.asi, PLD.asi. I had the same problem and it turned out to be the "NoBoundaryLimits.asi" that caused the game to crash.
  6. pilo88

    GTAVLauncher.exe Failed To Start

    Remove PLD.asi, Turnsignal.asi and make sure TrainerV is up to date. Make sure to put dinput8 back in the main folder.
  7. pilo88

    GTAVLauncher.exe Failed To Start

    I had the same problem. I moved all .asi file from the main folder to my desktop and launched Ragehook and it worked so I started putting the .asi files back one by one until I found it was the NoBoundaryLimits.asi causing the problem. Now it's up and running with all my mods.
    Another great job! Thank for releasing the Tiller.
    Great Job! keep up the good work.
  8. pilo88

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    Great job!!!
  9. pilo88

    2008 Ford ESU Truck Police-Fire-EMS

    Use the files from the "older version" folder. Rename the files with usa5 to riot. That's what I did.
  10. pilo88

    [WIP/REL] Pierce Arrow PUC

    I just made my own red and blue texture for now.
  11. pilo88

    [WIP/REL] Pierce Arrow PUC

    Happy to finally see another good fire truck on LSPDFR. Thanks Downcoldkiller.
  12. pilo88

    Blaine County Heavy Rescue Texture

    Yes it was based off Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad
  13. pilo88

    Game not launching

    Have you tried loading the game in safe mode?