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  1. Got it! For anyone else that has this problem, move the two lspdfr files into the plugins folder directly, instead of the lspdfr folder inside of the plugins folder. It just seems that RPH doesn't show the plugins on startup (just lspdfr) but everything loads once you go on duty.
  2. Hello, so I just reorganized and reinstalled everything for 0.4 a couple of days ago. After reinstalling everything I realized that almost none of my plugins were working in game (except for LSPDFR). Then, I realized that I forgot to create an LSPDFR folder in my plugins folder. So once I created the LSPDFR folder, I put everything that needs to go in, in. Once I started RPH I saw that it wasn't recognizing any of my plugins (as shown in the picture). I started the game anyway and now nothing will load and it just throws me into regular singleplayer. Does anyone know what I'm doing possibly doing wrong? Thank you! (I will attach images)
  3. Hello, so when 0.4 is released will most people be creating a totally new mods folder and doing everything over (deleting their current mods folder)? I'd just like some peoples opinions on what they will do when it is released. Are you using your current mods folder or creating a totally new one with everything reinstalled? I feel like creating a new folder would be the smart thing to do. Thank you!
  4. Correct. I'm pretty sure that you can revert to an older version if you made one with RPH.
  5. Its probably because GTA V updated and the version of ScriptHook V does not support it. Same thing is happening to me
  6. Thank you! You taught me quite a bit; I appreciate your patience
  7. Ok ok I get what you're saying now. Ill try that and get back to you. Yep, I got what you're saying now. I'm just going to create a totally fresh mods folder and reinstall my gun sounds, sirens, and vehicles. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, so I've been having problems loading into GTA V. The game crashes during loading after ragehook says "loading story mode". However, when I changed the name of my mods folder to "_mods" (without quotations), the game loaded. What exactly does the underscore do? I have my settings in forced windowed mode and have the GTA V folder set as an exception in Norton. I also noticed that my _mods folder is not purple anymore in OpenIV. Is it not recognizing it as the mods folder anymore? If anyone has any ideas of what may be happening here naming my mods folder _mods, I would appreciate it. Thank you Ignore this post. Just learned that the underscore disables it.
  9. yep... just loaded into the game. Everything loaded, went on duty, got calls. I guess i'll have to create another thread to see if anyone else here knows about renaming the mods folder to _mods and having it work
  10. Well, it crashes on startup if the mods folder is named "mods" but it loads when its called "_mods". Yes, and the mods folder is not purple anymore like it should be in OpenIV. Do you think that naming the mods folder _mods is going to cause any problems?
  11. anddd I just saw that I had computer plus in my main directory as well as my plugins folder. Should get rid of that.
  12. Yea the mods folder looks the same when going in OpenIV, but a red banner comes up at the top and when I click copy to mods folder, it creates a new mods folder with the other _mods folder inside of it. So I deleted the new folder it made and kept my original mods folder named _mods. I just hope this isn't an issue.
  13. Oh wait a minute I did change something. I renamed my mods folder to _mods and that's what made my game load. The mods folder is not purple anymore in OpenIV. Is this bad that it's renamed and is OpenIV not recognizing it as the mods folder anymore? I saw someone say to change the mods folder name to _mods but will everything work and will this be a problem in the future? I don't get why a _ in front of mods fixed it.
  14. Thats really weird. You can try to look it up on google but I wouldnt worry about it unless it happens again. Goodluck
  15. Oh ok so everything's good now. That's really weird I never thought it could unistall itself... was anything else gone when you came back?
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