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    KM964 got a reaction from Double Doppler in [W.I.P.] 2011 masearti quatroporte   
    "Plans"...I think I can see where this is going...

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    KM964 got a reaction from Double Doppler in [W.I.P.] 2011 masearti quatroporte   
    "Plans"...I think I can see where this is going...

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    KM964 reacted to unr3al in Cease and Desist on Grand Junction Police Department Skins   
    I don't want to necessarily offend you by saying this, but I think you may have single-handedly managed to harm the reputation of the LCPDFR community among a group of police officers, perpetuate the negative reputation of Grand Theft Auto IV, and also discredit your work as a graphic designer (should you decide the pursue that career in the future) all because of a single Facebook post. I have no idea why you felt you needed to post that at all on their public Facebook page, rather than leaving your fandom of your police department among good company who play the mod with you. Bad move. Lets hope other police departments don't catch onto this and ruin it for the rest of us by issuing further takedown requests. You may have opened pandora's box.

    Let this serve as an example to the rest of you that there are are always risks you take when copying designs. And this is the most extreme repercussion. A cease and desist letter, and your name in the paper. I really hope a bigger paper or news network doesn't pick this story up.
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    KM964 got a reaction from homerunman in We need   
    Do what I do...arrest them, leave them there, then take a pistol and shoot them in the head execution-style.
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    KM964 got a reaction from Officer.Bryan.O'connor in Push bumper, rambar, or brush guard?   
    I always call it a rambar.
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    KM964 got a reaction from NiTr0 SHoK in [SOLVED] More than 1 livery?   
    Open the .wtd file of the model in question in vehicles.img with OpenIV. Before you do anything, rename the textures you want to put into the wtd to police_sign_2, 3, and 4 (or use the name format that the default paintjob is using if it's not that). Now, import them one by one into the the file. After that's done, save and close. Now. in case you haven't done it, add +livery to the END of the vehicle's line in vehicles.ide.
    It should work, but there are some models out there that don't support multiple liveries. I've done it on a couple of Crown Vics and Tahoes in my game.
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    KM964 got a reaction from Jetski343 in Anyone know where I can find a Milwaukee Crown Vic?   
    You'll need SparkIV to do this.
    1. With SparkIV, open the vehicles.img file in the pc/models/cdimages folder of your game directory.
    2. Now find the .wtd file of the CV. For example, if you replaced it with the Police Cruiser (Crown Vic-based generic model), it will be police.wtd. Click it, and click "Edit".
    3. Once that's done, a new window will open with a list of all of the texture files. You'll need to find one that reads something like "police_sign_x", where x represents a number 1-4.
    4. After you've found it, click "Import Texture", and then locate the texture on your computer.
    5. After that's done, click "Save and Close". The texture window will close.
    6. Now, click "Save", then "Rebuild", and then close the program.
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    KM964 got a reaction from FCV96 in ELS-H Vehicles   
    I second this. I have a CVPI with that lightbar as my airport security car. It looks great with ELS-H.
    I also like the lightbar that the CHP uses. Don't know the name of it, though.
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    KM964 got a reaction from CD45 Productions in Police Signs (Skins)   
    As far as I know, you can't rename it in the wtd file in OpenIV. You have to rename it before you import it, like you would any other file.
    Also, it should be "police_sign_#", where # represents a number 1-4. So, in your case, since it already has PS1, you would name yours "police_sign_2".
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    KM964 got a reaction from bonehead in countryside mountains help!   
    In addition to what EliteGaming said, make sure you have SNT 6.4, or the objects won't spawn correctly.
    Also, it's "load objects from objects.ini".
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    KM964 reacted to Pengi in Skin issues with Chevy Tahoe   
    Go to your vehicle.ide and find the polpat line. 
    Add "+livery" to the end of the lin(without quotes).
    That should fix it :P