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  1. How did you force the game to use your graphics card?
  2. I haven't played GTA V in a month or two. Last time I played the game, it worked perfectly fine. Now it just crashes once it gets to the loading screen when you see the circles spinning. What I have done since I played last Updated the game to the most recent version Updated ragehook Updated scripthook V Updated LSPD:FR to the most recent version I also added a few plugins into the game but I don't think they're associated with the game crashing. My crash report tells me that there was not plugins ticking during the time of the crash. Here is my crash report:
  3. I fixed it, EUP caused my game to crash so I uninstalled it
  4. Updated ragehook and scripthook and now my game is crashing. I also added EUP into my game if that makes a differences. Here's my crash report:
  5. Hello everyone! I've recently started making LSPD:FR Videos on YouTube not too long ago and would love it if you guys would check them out! Feel free to leave feedback of what you think of the videos! Watch now!
  6. Hey, I tried fixing it earlier today and gave up so I deleted and I'm now reinstalling the game since the backup of my game didn't do much help in fixing the issue either. I'm not quite sure what would have caused the crash because the game worked perfectly fine last time I played it before installing the 2015 Charger mod but it still worked after that. It wasn't until the day the game updated when it began to crash. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  7. I have a backup of the game but I do not use a mods folder because I can never get that to work. It crashes during the splash screens but it sometimes makes it to the credits before loading up the options such as going online, singleplayer, etc.But it just crashes and gives me the crash report. I have the correct RAGE version because I made sure by downgrading just to be sure and it wouldn't even let me open the game because it told me the game version wasn't correct. So I put the updated RAGE version back in and it opens up the game then crashes. I updated scripthook V as well but that shouldn't have anything to do with the crashing, that would just not allow any thing to work once it's in game I think.
  8. Updated my game and updated ragehook as well as scripthook v
  9. I'm reinstalling the game now but I will definitely make sure that I have a good backup in case something like this happens next time!
  10. Is there anyway that I can download an update.rpf file for the most recent version of gta 5? I installed a mod and it completely messed with all my files so now I'm stuck with the vanilla cars. I tried using the update.rpf from my backup however my backup is for an older version of GTA 5 and crashes the game
  11. The mod replaced almost all my files in my update.rpf > common > data So I'm convinced that this is causing the issue however I do not have the original files to replace the modded files
  12. So I recently installed the mod "Realism Dispatch Enhanced DLC" without realizing what it was! I figured it would have something to do with the dispatch system on LSPD:FR or something (idk) lol. Well now all of my modded vehicles or either messed up somehow or reverted back to the vanilla police vehicles. Is there any way to fix this without reinstalling my game?
  13. I removed PoliceLifeS and my problem still occurs. Here's my new log:
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