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  1. Yess... the statistic is finally returned!!
    Waiting for this CHP pack for so long.. Huge thanks to the Author for did such a great work!
  2. Thanks to G17 Media for made an awesome job in this first release of LSPDFR. i've been played in couple hours without game crash and just only got a little bugs and error with the scripts. I've noticed a major bug in arrest system. but overall the mod is very stable and i enjoyed it a lot today. i hope there's more content in future update and make everything more fun and realistic. keep up a good work!
  3. It's so close to realistic, i'm impressed :D
  4. gotta try this someday ! very excellent work by gangrenn :9
  5. My game crashes when I am near Grand Easton Station.
  6. old mod but i've finally found it thanks!
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