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  1. @Sam please say everithing to Status of the release.... this waiting is feel like burning in the hell.
  2. Please release 0.4 now, the chaos come over the world, the people will be crazy.
  3. We see this 8h befor you wake up!
  4. Wtf, @Sam must nothing explain! He and the other have no time to explain, they works hard that bring out 0.4!
  5. 2014???? 0.4???? 2019???? Oh Jesus send brain!
  6. Zu Deutsch wechseln We should be grateful for everything that is done here. If one can do it better then he should do it. Of course it would be great if it comes soon, but these are people who sacrifice their free time, so you could be more grateful. If it is already free, you can not claim! Wait, however, full of impatience.
  7. Lspdfr is the reason why I bought GTA5 at all, otherwise I would not have bought it myself. And now I'm not looking forward to 0.4, that's what makes GTA5 the game I always wanted. Thank you, you are the best of all.
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