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  1. So what is the best and safest way to install addon vehicles?
  2. Does this work for vehicles I rename to sheriff3 or sheriff4? So I can have LSSD use sheriff and sheriff2, Grapeseed use sheriff3, and BCSO use sheriff4?
  3. And then I just have to change "red" to "blue" in the VCF?
  4. So I love this mod. Absolutely love it. However, I do not have it installed. Periodically when I click on a ped check or vehicle check, and double click the plate or name, LSPDFR crashes. I don't have a log at this time, but I can get one if that would help. I'm just curious if @FirstThirtyMinutes or anyone else found a way around this. Only tagging because he doesnt seem to crash much in his vids.
  5. Is there a way to get all blue lighting for this?
  6. Bump. I also am having this problem. If anyone solves this problem, please pass it along.
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