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  1. Mentalmatt

    EUP Vest Skins

    Fits every patrol that I do. Thanks so much
  2. Mentalmatt

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    Killing it with the blue lights. I love it!
  3. Mentalmatt

    LSPD Packs

    This was deleted.
  4. Mentalmatt

    LSPD Pack

  5. Mentalmatt

    Gaming on Razer Blade 15(2018)

    What do you mean by "I pasted the specs wrong" If you click on the show more it will show more. Are you saying that there is no GPU provided and other missing information? GTX 1060 Max Q and 16gb DDR4 Ram here is the FPS-
  6. I really like LSPDFR and see YouTube videos on a it and I have considered to buy a gaming laptop. How well you LSPDFR run on a Razer Blade 15. MODS are listed below. I would love to hear from the community! Specs: Mods: