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    The interior is well done, mate!!!! I’m speechless
  1. Now that’s a victory royale! I love the all red lights! I will drop a review soon!
  2. Now this is a victory royale! Thank you for making this. I will drop a review soon!
  3. I’m waiting for the beautiful unmarked cheve impala 2000/2001 model
  4. You have to import the file into the elgato profile directions by Firstyminator Open up the Stream Deck Software 2. Press the Preferences Gear and when the Preferences Window will pop up. 3. Choose the banner called "Profiles" 4. Now you see all your current profiles. Under them there is a " + - " and a small downarrow to the right - press it and choose IMPORT 5. Import the file retained in this archive: " Police SmartController.streamDeckProfile " 6. Choose the new Profile "Police SmartController"
  5. This was deleted
  6. How to download .rar files in the game?
  7. I need a NYPD highway patrol I can’t find one on LSPDFR. I belive Walters made one but it was taken down and I don’t know why.
    Thank you for making this pack. The interior is so clean! Keep up the good work
    Fits every patrol that I do. Thanks so much
    Killing it with the blue lights. I love it!
  8. Mentalmatt

    LSPD Pack

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