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  1. Thank you very much!!!
  2. Colde

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019

    Thank You!!! I want it now!
  3. What happend with the EUP female?
  4. Colde

    Placer County, CA Based BCSO Liveries

    How and where install? There isn't a readme file...
  5. I have a nice beretta mod in my "pistol" and a I want Glock than don´t replace it. The golcks of this files replace the "pistol" and the "pistol MkII" and it can be a solution, but de "pistol MkII" is not compatible with Cop Hostler. Anybody know where can I found a Golck that replaces the "combat pistol". Thank you.
  6. Colde

    Emergency Lighting System

    I have the same problem, the reflex are great but lights not, in the day the lights are almost white. I install Radiance V and it didn`t solve the problem, I instal Visual V too and the problem persits. I am desesperate, I tried everything but I can not fix this. Please help me. @Panda22 Did you resolve this problem? Please help... EDIT: I DID!!!! The sholution was the manual modification of the visualsettings, traying and error with the values. The solution is in the next video:
  7. I like your models dude, but I'm not very good installing mods in OpenIV (so much files) and the readme is not very large. Could you explain to me how install this in stupid style? Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English.
  8. Can you write the complete line where install the textures please? Thank you.
  9. Colde

    Los Santos Police Department Ped Pack

    How can I instiall it? The readme doesn´t explain so much...
  10. This is great mod and I love it, but I got a problem, can you help me @OJdoesIt ? When I start the Manhunt I go to the callout area, after that I talk with my chief and I choose the regular cops to follow me or the SWAT Team. Until this point all it´s ok. But after choose the kind of police to follow me no body follow me and I have to go alone to find the criminal. The criminal is not in any place and in the map still the yellow point on the place where I have to choose my team. It´s like all the manhunt get´s freezing. The only one who follow my orders is the helicpoter. I have the same problem in the "search warrant" callout from your "Ojscenarios" pluglin. Please help me. Sorry for my bad english, I´m from Spain.
  11. Colde


    @PeterU I got a simple problem. When I start on dutty your mod ask me to accept the license presign Right Ctrl+L. The big problem is thaht I want to acept the license, but the keyboar of my PC doesn´t have the Right Ctrl key and I can´t accept it. Can you tell me other way to acept the license please? Thank you so much.