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  1. private Ped myPed1; private Ped myPed2; public override bool OnCalloutAccepted() { myPed1.tasks.fightAgainst(myPed2); myPed2.tasks.fightAgainst(myPed1); } public override void Process() { if (Game.Character.LocalPlayer.Position.DistanceTo(myPed1) <= 4f && Game.IskeyDown(Keys.Y){ myPed1.keepTasks = false; myPed2.keepTasks = false; } Hello I'm making a callout and I want to make two peds fight but when I press a button I want the fight to stop. I tried this but it didn't worked. The code above is what I tried.
  2. Hi! It's a great plugin but it is actually crashing when going on duty. It had never happened to me. Here is my log. Thanks! RagePluginHook.log
  3. Thanks for the support. I have tried this and it worked for me. NativeFunction.CallByName<uint>("SET_VEHICLE_INDICATOR_LIGHTS", vehicle1, 0, true); NativeFunction.CallByName<uint>("SET_VEHICLE_INDICATOR_LIGHTS", vehicle1, 1, true);
  4. Thanks but how can I implement this on my script?
  5. Hi, I'm developing a callout pack for lspdfr and I'm looking a way to turn on a vehicle's hazard lights or indicators. I don't care if I have to use another API that is not rageplugin or lspdfr api. Thank you.
  6. Version EN


    Hello, today I'm uploading my first callout plugin for LSPDFR translated to english. I hope you'll enjoy it. Current callouts: Dead body Vandalism Possible ilegal camping (3 variations) Suspicious person Civilian on fire New callouts will be released soon in the version! You can contact with me by twitter or instagram (@mmodsgtav) or by email (mmodsgtav@gmail.com). Please report any bug you encounter. Gameplay of the callouts (Spanish version). Video by alexdeejay17:
  7. Hi! I want to ask you if there is a way to change the vehicles that spawn at police stations (for example I want to set that in the mission row's police station spawn only police2 vehicles). Thank you!!
  8. Gracias por la sugerencia! Ya he añadido la información. Thanks for the comment, I have just added the information
  9. Version


    Hola! Este es mi primer plugin de llamadas para lspdfr. Cualquier bug o sugerencia podeis decirmelo por Twitter. Llamadas actuales: - Cadáver. - Vandalismo. - Posible camping ilegal. - Persona armada en el metro de los Santos. Próximamente habrá nuevas llamadas, anunciaré las actualizaciones en mi Twitter (mmodsgtav) e Instagram (mmodsgtav)! Hi today I'm uploading my first callout plugin. Any bug can be reported on my Twitter. Current callouts: - Dead body. - Vandalism. - Possible ilegal camping. - Suspect with a fire weapon at LS Subway. New updates will be announced on my Twitter (mmodsgtav) and my Instagram (mmodsgtav) Video:
  10. hi! i want my suspect to walk like is drunk but i don't know how to use the "suspect.Task.PlayAnimation()".
  11. the keydown method Works correctly. the problema is i don't know how to make it open
  12. Hello! I want to open a vehicle door when i prees a keyboard key. how could i do it?
  13. public static void Damage(this.victim, 30f, 100) { var model = victim.Model; model.GetDimensions(out var vector3_1, out var vector3_2); var num = new Random().Next(10, 45); for (var index = 0; index < num; ++index) { var randomInt1 = MathHelper.GetRandomSingle(vector3_1.X, vector3_2.X); var randomInt2 = MathHelper.GetRandomSingle(vector3_1.Y, vector3_2.Y); var randomInt3 = MathHelper.GetRandomSingle(vector3_1.Z, vector3_2.Z); victim.Deform(new Vector3(randomInt1, randomInt2, randomInt3), 30f, 100); } } i have this but makes error (victim is the vehicle)
  14. hello i'm making a callout of a vehicle that has been damaged by an unknow suspects but i don't know how to spawn the vehicle with damage. i hope you can help me.
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