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  1. 1.2 will be called the realistic update...i want to make the plugin more realistic in general and i planned other update (included in 1.2.X versions) for improve the callouts
  2. A new update coming soon but i'm worried for the new LSPDFR version
  3. it is in GTA V main directory and its name is: RagePluginHook.log
  4. thank you. in the next update i add more cool features
  5. Version 1.1.0


    HighWay Callouts is a callout plugin that is focused on crimes and motorway events. It is suitable for SAHP or other highway patrol. Please note that this may be buggy. LSPDFR Computer+ is required Current Callouts: Officer Need Assistance: An officer of LSPD need assistance for a pursuit. Pursuit In Progress: It is a simple pursuit. Speed Pursuit: There is a pursuit with a very fast vehicle. Traffic Break: There was a car crash or there is some objects in the middle of the road, slow down the traffic and when you arrive on the scene talk with the commandant. Pursuit Of Police Vehicle: There is a pursuit of a stolen police vehicle. Planned Callouts: -Suspicious Vehicle. -Road Accident. -Pursuit Standoff. -Broken Vehilce in the Highway. -Person On The Highway. -Traffic Allert. -Traffic Stop Backup. Planned Update: -More locations for "Traffic Break". -Compatibility with other mods. -Callouts Spawn only in the Highway. Installation: -Drop the "Plugins" and "lspdfr" folders in "Grand Theft Auto V" folder -Start GTA and Enjoy!! Credit: Author: Cris Youtube: Cris Twitter: @Cris_YT_ Italiano-[IT] Highway Callouts è un plugin che si focalizza principalmente su reati ed eventi autostradali. E' adatto per SAHP o altri tipi di polizie autostradali. Si prega di notare che questo plugin potrebbe essere buggato. LSPDFR Computer+ è richiesta Callouts Presenti: Officer Need Assistance: Un agente del LSPD richiede assistenza per un inseguimento. Pursuit In Progress: E' un semplice inseguimento Speed Pursuit: C'è un inseguimento con un veicolo particolarmente veloce. Traffic Break: C'è stato un incidente o ci sono degli oggetti in mezzo alla starda, rallenta il traffico e quando arrivi sul posto parla con il comandante. Pursuit Of Police Vehicle: C'è un inseguimento di un'auto della polizia rubata Callouts Pianificate: -Suspicious Vehicle. -Road Accident. -Pursuit Standoff. -Broken Vehilce in the Highway. -Person On The Highway. -Traffic Allert. -Traffic Stop Backup. Update Pianificati: -Più luoghi per "Traffic Break". -Compatibilità con altre mod. -Spawn delle Chiamate solo sulle Autostrade. Installazione: -Metti la cartella "Plugins" e la cartella "lspdfr" nella cartella "Grand Theft Auto V". -Avvia GTA and Buon divertimento!! Youtube: Cris Twitter: @Cris_YT_ Changelog:
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