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  1. Unfortunatelyy Code 3 stopped working on my game after update. Had to revert to an older version.
  2. bravo1charlie

    EUP LAPD/LSPD Modern Folding Visor Motorcycle Helmet

    It's The Hurk's BMW from the CHP pack with a LSPD texture.
  3. bravo1charlie

    [DEV] 2016 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility

    I care for L4 mostly for performance not looks. But as a DEV model it can be added later anyway. As for the scaling is it actually possible to edit? I want to give it a try.
  4. bravo1charlie

    [DEV] 2016 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility

    Is it scaled to the real thing now and has L0-L4?
  5. bravo1charlie

    [ELS] 2013 Tahoe (Fake snow)

    Really cool! But I wish you did on a 2004 SUV so I can replace the North Yankton one that would mahe sense in the prologue.
  6. Version 0.2


    My first published file on LSPDFR! Today I bring a LAPD modern motorcycle helmet I re-textured for my personal game. The original helmet on EUP is based on CHP/old LAPD model so I decided to create a modern version. This replaces the LS Port Authority Bike Helmet so you will still have the original for the other departments. Install instructions on the included text file. Enjoy! Original Helmet by Gobilu:https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/public-security-police-psp-bike-officer-portugal-police You Need:
  7. The #1 killer of Fleet cars in the US tend to be rust caused by anti-freeze salt on roads. That's why most departments in larger cities that don't snow still use older cars. Why not if they are fully serviceable and you have stockpiles of maintenance parts? That's why in So-Cal you still see tons of Crown Vics. But the Explorer is catching up.
  8. bravo1charlie

    Request for 2016 FPIU

    My favorite 16 FPIU is Desmond98's alpha. Even in the unfinished state, it's insanely good. You can find the files on his FPIU topic:
  9. bravo1charlie

    EUP Replacement Shoulder Mic & Body Cam

    Make one for the females too!
  10. bravo1charlie

    Greek Police Bike Z

    The helmet on your character... Where did you get it?
  11. bravo1charlie

    [ELS] LSPD Crown Vic (Fake snow)

    Can't wait!
  12. bravo1charlie

    [ELS] LSPD Crown Vic (Fake snow)

    Rather it be a 2004 Tahoe, since the prologue is in 2004. The rancher makes no sense. I replaced the esperanto for this
  13. bravo1charlie

    BCSO OD Green Uniforms (EUP and Ped)

    This is nice. Just need a Female EUP version now
  14. bravo1charlie

    North Yankton State Police CVPI Livery

    What that original model needed! Swapped policeold2 for this. Prologue is much more immersive now!
  15. bravo1charlie

    Police Mountain Bike

    There's no vehicle meta, of course it won't spawn in game. I doubt this was even tested in game as the author claims on other posts he doesn't have a gaming pc lol. Don't download this.