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I should really update this section...

Hello and welcome to my page! I look forward to making some friends her as well as doing multiplayer LCPDFR events, if anyone ever wants to. My GFWL account name is BadassCop911, so if you're going to add me please tell me beforehand. I don't accept random friend requests anywhere without some sort of prior introduction for safety and security reasons. It's also why I'm not leaving my Steam out in the open for unregistered people to see. Once I know you, expect an "accepted request" notification.


I love open world games like GTA IV, Fallout: New Vegas and etc, though you'll also find me in Garrys Mod, PAYDAY 2, Just Cause 2, or even ArmA II. I hope some people would like to LCPDFR Multiplayer with me someday (Hint hint hint hint hint big freakin' hint hint hint. Hint.).


What else about me...My favorite movies tied at #1 are Pacific Rim (2014) and John Wick (2014), then at #2 would be I, Frankenstein (2014) and #3 S.W.A.T. (2003).


I make jokes alot but when roleplay/serious time hits, I comply. Though I only make jokes/sarcasm with friends most of the time. Any other info just ask but introduce yourself first, and if it's reasonable. If I am inactive on LCPDFR then I either lost my password or my internet is down, or something. I tend to be on at least every 2 days.


Oh yea, I have a youtube channel too. It's linked on my main page, my username there is datmanflyliketeca. I upload alot of stuff but recently I've been sticking to LCPDFR videos since that seems to be enjoyed the most. I don't have a lot of time on hand anymore so uploading is about once every two weeks, sometimes more, rarely less.


Other than that, don't be a stranger and I will see you hopefully online, or GTA IV multiplayer, or wherever. Hint hint.