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  1. I got nothing yet bud. I am just playing without them meanwhile.
  2. Well it look like we are all having the same problems. (Typing Verbatim so it easier for people to find this post.) Unable to obtain folder permissions. Please close all other applications before trying again. This is legitimately only happening to Albo mods btw. (For me at least)(Not saying your mods are the problem just saying that the conflicts don't happen for other mods. And yes I tried installing just albo mods) Example: -Move mod into plugin folder -Launch troubleshooter -1 Error -Automatically Fix this error -"Unable to obtain folder permissions. Please close all other applications before trying again." Yes I have: Closed EVERYTHING except the troubleshooter Disabled Antivirus then redownloaded Restarted my computer Ran as administrator Tried one mod at a time and the problems begin with (Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, and Assorted Callouts) LSPDFRTroubleshooterByAlbo125.log
  3. After the first traffic stop goes smoothly I can no longer press shift to target the next car to pull over. No other mods loaded. Fresh install of both GTA and LSPDFR.
  4. Would that make you... a time traveler
  5. Time to step up the game. Find a moderator's house and bring a few cats. (Don't actually do this guys. It's just a joke)
  6. Yeah that's probably where I got confused. But thanks for understanding lol
  7. Oh btw I mean no disrespect to you guys. Thanks for your help.
  8. We aren't trying to add to the rumors. I was just asking because I thought I seen mention of it.
  9. Yeah I swear I seen it somewhere. They're at least working on it. I mean if FiveM could do it you know it's not an absolute impossibility.
  10. Well I'm glad we cleared that up with a verified source. Thanks for your help.
  11. Did they say something about this being multiplayer I can't remember.
  12. Sounds good I'm contact you cover?
  13. Oh no it's cool man I have nothing to lose. Sunday release no! Today release yes!
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