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  1. Here ya go buddy this is what I currently have them set at
  2. Quiet you! Stop acting all high and mighty. Allot of the people posting on here probably are kids, who cares either way it's your attitude towards others that pisses me off. Acting like your better than everyone or something!
  3. :3 Thank goodness I am all over them now I just need scripthook V back and I'll tell you which one I like best :}
  4. wow that is bloody annoying, only 8 months I bet you where livid. did they give you compensation or some refund? Windows have stooped real low lately. I miss the days of Windows 7 when they didn't criminally Harass you to use Edge, and pin the latest candy crush garbage to my clean and bloatware free start menu! Despicable! I don't want to use edge because I don't like seeing Putins face in the middle of MY web browser, labeled with the latest in a series of pathetic 1960'Esque, Pre-cold war Anti-Communist, Capitalist propaganda every time I open my browser.... Yes I could change the home page, but then I'd have to change the home page.... If they didn't harass me I probably would do that,... but because of their annoying bickering pathetic little lies and forced messages about edge being faster and better I have made a personal promise that i'll never endorse that garbage ever! Also YES! Gott Schutze den Konneg! Had any luck with scripthook yet? I haven't checked today!
  5. I could not agree more buddy! It's been long over due. That's awesome that you did all your own Departments. must have taken a heck of a long time . I can't wait for the character switch feature ! They really have gone above and beyond with this one. It reminds me allot of the way Rockstar themselves deal with game releases. It's all about quality not quantity.... I don't mind not getting an update or new toys from LSPDFR team for 2 years as long as when we do get it, it is everything I dreamed of and more. Welp' I mean we haven't actually seen the finished product yet but something tells me it's gonna be huge . Did you ever happen to do some skins for the 2014 Ford Interceptor Utility by Desmond 98, love this vehicle!
  6. This is correct, it's the one thing that makes me more excited for this update than anything else.... I get up to 80fps solid when none of Albo's plugins are present and 40-35 fps when they are! Not to say I don't very much appreciate his hard and valuable work, but for some of us that can run GTA V at Very High- Ultra high with 60FPS I think that it's a bit unfair when a non ENB series mod with no prior warning about inducing performance issues reduces your frame rate to a brain churning level! It probably isn't acceptable to say that I should get a better PC when the base game runs perfectly, and my GPU CPU MEMORY performance levels all are indicating bellow 70% at the times of the 35-40 FPS dips.
  7. Fortunately not I'm glad to say. What new Laptop did you get? Why is the MSI GE series prone to windows update problems? Loving the Name BTW perhaps we should swap profile pictures :P. Also have you ever used a wheel and pedal setup... gahd I sound like a second hand car salesman
  8. Ah that makes sense. The luxury's of having a long, gate leg dining table for a PC desk xD
  9. I can imagine this is a real nightmare if you don't have long arms like me xD.... I'm lucky enough to be able to reach around the wheel comfortably.
  10. Ah Cockstar are such bloody bastards. they really are the most pathetic scrubs in entire gaming industry! except form EA!! "oooooh eeeew, pfepole pfmod our pfffgamesh sew we weeeeeeewnt realeshe it un Ppfffeeeeeeeseeeeees " Pathetic dweebs!
  11. yeah sure thing buddy just waiting for a new version of script hook V on my end lol but ill post you some screen shots of my mt menu settings! give me a few minutes
  12. You totally should dude it's the best you'll need this https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/manual-transmission-ikt I thought you might appreciate seeing how I set it up so that I can still use my keyboard and mouse Let me know if I can help you with some of the force feedback settings I use seeing as we have the same wheel basically. And let me know how you find it. I'd use automatic still though to begin with until you get the hang of avoiding ped's and bullets in pursuits xD
  13. This Christmas I treated myself to a Logitech G920 with an H-shiftier....... I just wanted to express how awesome LSPDFR is with a wheel. It's so useful being able to hold the wheel in your left hand and mouse in the right. I had expected to buy this wheel to play mainly F1 2017 and Dirt Rally I did not expect LSPDFR to be the game that I get the most use out of my wheel from. But let me tell you it's easily the best upgrade to my LSPDFR experience. Thoughts?
  14. Ah well that's interesting, thanks for letting me know. It's a real shame they keep doing this. They must know LSPDFR is the best thing to ever happen to GTA... It's a shame they don't take it as a compliment, that so much effort has gone into modding their fabulous creation!
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