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  1. Cpl.Griffiths

    [ELS] All Blue Sheriff Pack

    mmmmmm loveeee the CVPI and the Impala :"""""") Would love to have a red blue version but im sure ill figure it out perfect light set up on them both! been waiting for someone to put alley side lights on the CVPI'S! GREAT WORK BROKSII!!
  2. Cpl.Griffiths

    Law Packs+

    Edited "Driving While Disqualified" into "Driving While Suspended" ....... their are both in the criminal code of Canada like driving invalid
  3. Cpl.Griffiths

    Tractor Drawn Aerial (TDA) / Tiller Mini-Pack [ELS][VG+]

    is the ladder longer ? bout to jizz here...... LOOKS FIREEEE!
  4. Cpl.Griffiths

    Los Santos Regional Police Pack [ELS]

    if u ever update again and when u do are you able to add alley lights on the side ? been looking for years to find one on the side bumper
  5. Cpl.Griffiths

    Darby Borough/Sandy Township Police V1.0_DPD

    if alley lights were added to CVPI on the side id full out jizz my pants XD
  6. Cpl.Griffiths

    Darby Borough/Sandy Township Police V1.0_DPD

    looks minttt......keep up the goodwork:)
  7. Cpl.Griffiths

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    GREAT PACK MAN!!! would love to see the slicktop dodge ram get some alley lights on the side for traffic USE