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  1. Dovetail left a bad taste in my mount with what happened with Flight Sim World and I vowed never to buy anything with Dovetail's fingerprints on it after that.
  2. phantoms

    I'm not sure where to download police vehicles

    Vehicles have to be installed with OpenIV. Watch some youtube videos on how to do that and read through the Guide thread at
  3. Can the new feature of having your police buddy perform patdown, breathalyzer, etc. be added to Traffic Stop Backup so that you don't have to call On the Scene backup to do it?
  4. The new features only work with the police buddy from on scene, not traffic backup? If that's the case, would you consider added the my police buddy features to traffic backup too?
  5. Most of my sedans do this. Only for the males, females aren't as tall I guess. I've just learned to live with it.
  6. phantoms

    Brake lights won't turn off

    What mod is the car and where did you get it from?
  7. phantoms

    Need some files..

    Did you replace the police2 and police3 files in the latest patchday? If so, just delete them and the default ones will come back. Also, you are using a mod folder and not replacing the files in the regular folders, correct?
  8. Neither of those things should be happening. (they don't in my game). Sounds like you might have a key binding conflict.
  9. Log, I'm referring to NPC bystanders, not the actual PED I'm after. Sorry I wasn't clear.
  10. phantoms

    Unable to play online or offline

    Since you have the Steam version, verify the integrity of the files first and see if that fixes it. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  11. phantoms


    The button setup XML files are at Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\plugins\LSPDFR\PoliceSmartRadio\ButtonSetup\
  12. Look forward to 0.4 where the AI drivers are suppose to be much improved. As for the tripping, it's usually me that's tripping. Run within 10ft of a PED and I trip. I found that keeping up with a Perp on foot though is all I can do. Thank god for backup and the tazer.
  13. phantoms

    [4K][REL] Savannah-Chatham CVPI livery

    Amazing and accurate job of SCMPD. They split back into Savannah PD and Chatham County PD now. Neither can seem to make up their respective minds on a common livery for their department's liveries. It seems both are just throwing a little bit of everything on the cars.
  14. phantoms

    Dual Installation

    Where are your RagePluginHook files going?
  15. phantoms

    LSPDFR Computer+

    None at all, or only some? Mine occasionally shows a blank ped or car, but it's less often than when it does show one.