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  1. Actually that's a tackle script from Arrest Manager. By default it's mapped to the A button on a controller (which is the sprint button) You can disable that in the ini file.
  2. Not to mention they get stuck in traffic which kills the pacing of the pursuit.
  3. It happens way too often I think. Plus I'm usually able to keep up with the suspects.
  4. I've never had a good foot chase because they always fall over after 5 yards. I've even let them get up and keep running to make it interesting and they run two feet and fall over again. NOTE: Before anyone suggests it, I've disabled the tackling script so it's not that.
  5. After completely wiping GTA V and all files related to it and installing it again i got it to work for a while, but now it's giving me this error again. So frustrating! And now trying to launch GTAV normally gives me the "Please run using playGTA5.exe error" (I play through steam)
  6. Try putting them in the patchday18ng folder (or whatever the latest one is). That's where I put all of my vehicles and they spawn just fine.
  7. Been playing just fine for over a month. Turned my game off, went to work, came back and now getting this message when trying to start up LSPDFR. I haven't added any new mods in a few days. Reinstalling GTAV and LSPDFR didn't help, using different versions of RAGE didn't help. I tried searching for similar topics but this is the first time I've seen this problem. Help, please.
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