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  1. So when i Force Duty it comes up with Unhandled exception in console command. It still lets me play but most of the mods don`t work i have tried and reinstalled the ones what don`t work and it still does the same thing if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So OPENIV has had an update and when i try and load the game it crashes and says you have ran out of game data Please could someone help me
  3. Can anyone help me i am not sure how to install the handling Please help!
  4. LOVE IT! and in your Gallery there is over vehicles is this part of a pack?
  5. Love the Pack man and nice to see you back
  6. @Maurice97 Please please could you add a chevy caprice and i LOVE all three packs
  7. Hey medi4523 can you help me Please i have added it on with ModdingDLCPackV and for some reason when i try to spawn it crashes my game Please Help
  8. They are amazing and are you going to add a cvpi
  9. I still need to add all the others back in but i will be sure to do this one first
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