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  1. Can anyone help me i am not sure how to install the handling Please help!
  2. alfwebb

    2010 Slicktop Charger

  3. alfwebb

    2010 Slicktop Charger

    LOVE IT! and in your Gallery there is over vehicles is this part of a pack?
  4. alfwebb

    Los Santos Regional Police Pack [ELS]

    Love the Pack man and nice to see you back
  5. alfwebb

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    @Maurice97 Please please could you add a chevy caprice and i LOVE all three packs
  6. alfwebb

    Seagrave Ladder [ELS]

    ok thanks
  7. alfwebb

    Seagrave Ladder [ELS]

    Hey medi4523 can you help me Please i have added it on with ModdingDLCPackV and for some reason when i try to spawn it crashes my game Please Help
  8. alfwebb

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    They are amazing and are you going to add a cvpi
  9. alfwebb

    Ford F350 Brush Fire Truck [ELS]

    I still need to add all the others back in but i will be sure to do this one first
  10. alfwebb

    Seagrave Engine/Rescue Mini-Pack [ELS]

    Any ETA on the Seagrave Ladder
  11. alfwebb

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    LOVE it
  12. alfwebb

    Paleto Bay Fire Department 165

    They are amazing keep it up
  13. alfwebb

    Vinewood Hills FD EMS pack

    Ok OK OK OK SORRY for this i have tried to delete them so there is only one of then now this has happened
  14. alfwebb

    Vinewood Hills FD EMS pack

    NICE pack keep it up and are you going to add more