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  1. It would be appreciated if you could include links, to the vehicles used, in the description.
  2. Absolutely here is the video from which the GIF was created. I would suggest muting the audio I was watching southland while recording this. I made it into a GIF to share it easier.
  3. The game is not a steam copy its through the rock star launcher and I tried it with a brand new downloaded copy. Additionally I have the latest updates from geforce and continually download any updates they publish.
  4. Howdy everyone, I recently built a new PC and since then when playing GTA V I have been experiencing these odd texture flashes of red, blue, green and white. Its as if everything goes a single color for a few seconds. This happened to me on a vanilla copy of GTA V without anything installed so I know it has something to do with either my setting or my specs. I have a gif to give an example of what is happening in my game. The issue occurs at random regardless if ELS is activated or where I am at in the game. It does seem to occur most frequently at night and usually only rarely during the daytime. I believe it may be a shader or reflection issue. It definitely seems to have something to do with lighting but I could be wrong on that. I tried installing the modification re-shader but the issue still persists. Also note that I have played plenty of other games without any of these issues it only appears while playing GTA V. PC Specs: (Fully Capable of Running GTA V) RAM: 16Gb Graphics: GTX 1060 Processor: Intel I5-8400 OS: Windows 10 64 Bit Pro (legal copy) Appreciate any support, thanks!
  5. I was able to solve this issue so this thread can be locked. For anyone who may have this issue in the future I was able to solve it by re-installing the gamelauncher and rockstar social club.
  6. Hey guys, just as the tittle says all of a sudden when I tried to launch GTA V today it keeps trying to download a 81.72mb update and right when it gets to the point where the download should be complete the game crashes. I have tried some things such as removing my mods folder, verifying integrity, and I'm about to just re-download all of GTA V. The really strange part is I looked around and it doesn't seem like GTA V has released any updates so not sure what my client is trying to download. I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
    @Jedahdiah does it again, another beautiful pack full of several lore friendly vehicles. There are few people on this site who utilize rotator lighting and those who do often pale in comparison with this authors use. This pack is a great emulation of those used by Toronto, CA right up to the unique light bars they use. I always look forward to seeing a new pack by Jedahdiah and he never disappoints with his offerings. Keep up the great work and I can not wait to see what else you have coming out.
  7. Yup, already tried that and the game still crashes. I've experienced a gameconfig mismatch crash before and this one happens much faster which leads me to believe something in RDE is no longer compatible with the current update.
  8. I can confirm that RDE does not seem to be compatible with the latest patch. I tied a mods folder with and without RDE. Without RDE in the mods folder the game loads fine with the mods folder the game crashes and I recieve the same error as @hammerjack1066. @dilapidatedCan you please look into this and push an update if the latest version of RDE is not compatible with the latest update. Thanks!
  9. I'm aware of this, hence why I said "essentially", most people don't understand how to update just the update.rpf file. It's simpler to tell them to just delelee the mods folder and create a new one.
  10. Infinite loading is caused by not updating your update.rpf directory. Essentially you have to delete your mods folder and create a new one this has to be done every time rock star pushes an update unfortunately.
  11. Remove your mods folder and try to load the game through rage. If the game loads then you know it has something to do with your mods.
    It appears as if you just slapped some black text onto a gray base with no consideration for how the text fits on the car or what type of font to use. I understand this is your first skin but it looks like you spent a total of 10 minutes on this skin.
  12. What department in PA were you intending these vehicles to be for?
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