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    I will make the skins but I don't make the models but I will try to find models that match
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    This post hit me right in the feels! im speechless! its been very controversial with whining from members in the community both here and on discord servers as of late...and its caused a bit of an uproar in the community and negative talks, which now put into prospective by stating just how much the download traffic costs, it really touched me and, to be frank, makes me want to go comment some pretty negative things against those people on the forums making complaints about how much money sam is supposedly making? As if any cash value could really touch the amount of work and dedication has been put into making this amazing game work. LCPDFR is, and has always been, completely free! despite countless unpaid hours for  for the last couple years from devs and modders alike, the game continues to strive on! ive played from the shadows, trying to donate as much as possible when possible.... just recently have i felt comfy enough to come register and speak my mind on some of the injustices ive seen lately. This was well needed, well worded, and perfectly timed. Thanks sam.
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