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    seanbforhockey reacted to J T in Parkland, Florida High School Shooting, 16 dead, many injured   
    getting rid of gun free zones will solve the problem but seems to go over most peoples heads, I do not like going to areas that have signs posted gun free zones....might as well say sitting ducks zone, if I was the parents I would sue the fuck out of that school for leaving people defenseless but instead you have the looney bin gun control crowd shouting for more strict gun laws are usually the most ignorant and uneducated group in this country, theres almost always a drill before a shooting but no one mentions that......nothing to see here move along
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Beren in Console Will not open   
    Using the very first RAGE version doesn't help either. Sigh.
    What's sad is that I was able to play it with the latest version of 01b somehow after having trouble loading the console with the previous versions. But once I installed 01c, I couldn't open the console again. I reverted back, and it wouldn't work anymore. I've done every recommendation under the sun, and it just won't show up.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Manike in How deep into Story Mode do i need to be?   
    Yupp, thanks
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Original Light in EmergencyRP FiveM Roleplay Server   
    This topic has been closed by LCPDFR.com staff because it is a website, clan, or group ad. Our site isn't an advertising service - please do not use it as one. If you want to share your website, group, or clan, please keep that limited to your profile and signature.
    If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Gta5Expert in brightness   
    I have radiance v very bright and the light are still very bad as you can tell from the screenshots i tried many things and it still not very great and i want it to be like the 3rd screenshot Thanks

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    seanbforhockey reacted to Israelct in Rage Plugin Hook: GTAVLauncher.exe Exited Unexpectedly?   
    Steam version
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    seanbforhockey reacted to ScottyTooHotty in Rage Plugin Hook: GTAVLauncher.exe Exited Unexpectedly?   
    Hmm, I'm stumped on this one. This should now go to RagePluginHook's forums and not LSPDFR's. Not their issue.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to nicktrick92 in Rage Plugin Hook: GTAVLauncher.exe Exited Unexpectedly?   
    @ScottehBoyy After doing so, it now says "GTAVLauncher has failed to start", yet still starts the normal, unmodded GTA V. Since so many of us are having the issue, could it possibly be a bug?
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    seanbforhockey reacted to ScottyTooHotty in Rage Plugin Hook: GTAVLauncher.exe Exited Unexpectedly?   
    @Israelct @nicktrick92 Both of you verify game files then reinstall RPH.
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    seanbforhockey got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Superbowl Parade   
    Lmao, you a pats fan? You guys played a great game though.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to TheDivineHustle in Superbowl Parade   
    I'm happy for you brother but that was painful for me to read, my man. 
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Ekalb in Dispatch program for police roleplay?   
    Any mods made for the PC won't be able to be used on Xbox so I'm not exactly sure what you're after. 
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Reddington in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    I get what you're saying, but I'm positive we will never get to a point where LSPDFR has everything and there's no need for people to make LSPDFR mods. LSPDFR is an amazing mod by itself, but it also thrives off of the community and those that create the mods for it.  Trying to add all the functionality of all the other mods to LSPDFR would be far too much work for just our team to maintain and might create an impossible scenario. Not to mention what would be the point of anyone making mods if we just took the features their mods offered and made them all available with LSPDFR? It's beneficial to everyone to have all these extra, optional plugins.  There are plenty of people who play barebones LSPDFR and don't want to dive into any other mods.
    Something else to consider, look at all the plugins we have now, and how many INIs we have.  Imagine how worse it could be if you'd try jamming every single option in each INI to just the one LSPDFR configuration file.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Been a while, huh?
    You know, when we first started making LSPDFR, the whole process was pretty much one big roller-coaster that didn't have any brakes:  there were the obvious highs when we'd finally add in something cool, but the low points were pretty hard as well - the amount of work that went into simply researching how things worked really took its toll as well.  And, of course, while this was all going on there just simply wasn't any stopping, we were a couple of (somewhat) real people who essentially lived in Los Santos for just about all of 2015, spending month after month pushing forward and trying to come up with things that everyone here would like to see.
    So, of course, the grind and the pace of everything simply just wasn't sustainable and after 0.3, it's no secret that while the numbers and everything for our site are still on the up, month after month, things did slow down quite substantially for the actual mod itself.  But, we can tell you, this wasn't all bad news - it's afforded us the opportunity to take a step back and really look at the mod and figure out where we want to go next with it.  While our approach before was all about cramming as much new stuff as we could into a couple of months of development, we've now been able to look back at many of the original ideas and concepts that we had for LSPDFR and build on them.  Of course, with that being said, there's still a lot of new stuff crammed into 0.4!

    With 0.4, we've taken the time to fix a couple of those "how the hell didn't they add this yet" moments :)
    Aside from the cool little additions like this, though, the major theme of 0.4 is Character.  Ever since seeing the character system for GTA Online, it was always our goal to implement something similar in LSPDFR.  There's just something that much more personal and immersive about playing a game with your own character, and the possibilities that it offers are staggering too.  And yes, while mods like EUP are fantastic (and awesomely compatible with 0.4!), they still feel somewhat separate or distant.  With 0.4, this separation is gone.


    No, these shots aren't taken from GTA Online.  This is our own, fully-featured, LSPDFR Character Creator.
    Of course, we'll talk more about the new Character features in LSPDFR 0.4 later.  The Character Creator menu shown above is obviously only one part of what's new in this regard, although hopefully it emphasizes the effort that we've gone to.  Thanks to some of the new additions like this, much of 0.4 actually looks and feels like an entirely new mod altogether.

    Officer Ronson and his clones obviously couldn't make it to the flashlight party. 
    Stay tuned!  We'll be sharing more about 0.4 soon.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to SpikeTerm in PLEASE HELP!!!! NEW TO PC JUST WANNA PLAY   
    Hello, and welcome to LSPDFR! I am sure you will enjoy it once you get into PC gaming.
    Anyways, your system that you listed would not be able to run GTA V let alone LSPDFR and other mods added.
    Your graphics card only holds 2 gigabytes of memory which would not be enough. Aim for 3-4 .
    Your system RAM at 8 gigabytes would be on the low end as well, that can be easily upgraded though.
    Personally, my computer was bought used for a very good deal with an i7 processor, and I bought a graphics card new. 
    I have a 1050ti which holds 4 GB's of memory and is inexpensive for the most part.
    LSPDFR, and added mods will significantly lower your frame rates compared to regular GTA V.
    If you have any other questions feel free to let me know. 
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    seanbforhockey reacted to thenotoriousmma in PLEASE HELP!!!! NEW TO PC JUST WANNA PLAY   
    Hi guys, I've been playing ps4 my entire life, but I've always been a huge fan of LSPDFR, I've finally decided to try and go out and get a PC.. I HAVE NO IDEA anything about PC's. Im not a huge gamer, i don't need anything fancy, i just wanna run LSPDFR smoothly. Ive been looking at this computer. A lot of people saying its a good PC and i shouldn't have any problems. I don't have 2000 dollars to spend right now.. Please somebody let me know if this will work!!! been going crazy. heres the specs 
    Hard Drive Capacity  1000 gigabytes Operating System Windows 10 Processor Speed (Base) 3.5 gigahertz Processor Model AMD FX-Series System Memory (RAM) 8 gigabytes Graphics  AMD Radeon RX 560 AMD FX 6300 processor AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-desktop-amd-fx-series-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-560-1tb-hard-drive-black/6072200.p?skuId=6072200    Thats the link
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    seanbforhockey reacted to iMalcolm27 in PC Specs?? Need to know   
    Mind if I ask what is your role in Law Enforcement? Im just curious, always good to have experienced members

    Concerning your setup, it cant get better than that.  I have a i7-6700k overclocked with a founders 1080. Your values will round the same as mine. So I can tell you you'll be able to run at 80 FPS average at vanilla or small visual mods, fully stacked on plugins. Hell I even hit 100 sometimes. Just make sure to make your game lightweight at all times, be cautious with the mods you put in and always keep it clean, without waste files.

    About the SSD, I have a 500 gb and I only use it for Windows and other programs. Theres literally no need unless you want a few seconds spared on loading times. Just make sure your HDD runs at 7200 RPM for GTA 5. Otherwise put it on SSD.

    But I would recommend you getting one anyway. Maybe a 120GB, just so the OS works perfectly...
    But dont expect any FPS boost with an SSD. Like I said it will only help you on loading times
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Trooper508 in PC Specs?? Need to know   
    Bump, anymore information? Thanks 
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Trooper508 in PC Specs?? Need to know   
    Hey guys, you already know the question I'm about to ask. I know there's thread upon threads on this same question, but each system is different. I've been following LCPDFR/LSPDFR for years now. Watching Jeff, Buggs, and Polecat mainly. Instantly fell in love with the mod, especially since I'm in law enforcement myself. So straight to the question. I have most of my PC build parts in, just waiting for the CPU and the GPU. If you guys could let me know how this will let the game run I'd greatly appreciate it. I know some of you guys know way more than I do about PC rigs.
    -Motherboard: MSI H110M Gaming
    -RAM: Fury Hyper X DDr4 2x8GB (16GB)
    -CPU Cooler: Cryorig C7
    -CPU: Intel I7 6700k
    -GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB SC
    Any help or input is greatly appreciated. Also, do you guys recommend running the game on a SSD? I'm assuming yes so it will run faster/smoother. Again, thanks for the future help guys. 
    P.S.: My PC case and power supply is all set, I'm just using the one I already have.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Reddington in Sean's Police Items Extended   
    This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Reddington in GTA 5 Crashing on loading screen?   
    Have you made any changes to your game recently?
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Reddington in GTA 5 Crashing on loading screen?   
    You're welcome, glad you got it resolved. :)
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    seanbforhockey got a reaction from Reddington in GTA 5 Crashing on loading screen?   
    Hey dude. Thank you for responding, but I fixed it already, the RPH Discord support helped me fix it. What happened was I had a corrupt mods folder. But thank you for responding! :)
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    seanbforhockey reacted to Reddington in Plugins Help   
    Your topic has been moved to LSPDFR Support & Information.
    Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    seanbforhockey reacted to boxvader in Plugins Help   
    Very strange, all of these are working plugins so there is no outward reason as to why they would be broken. 
    I can personally attest to all of these working as I am running them in my game currently with no issues.
    ELS OJCallouts Assortedcallouts PeterUCallouts TrafficPolicer Computer+ ScriptHookV (Except an odd error that doesn't seem to effect gameplay) SimpleTrainer LSPDFR+ As for the others, I checked over the comments section and saw no one else reporting any types of errors. My suggestion to you is that you remove all plugins from your game and slowly add them back in 1 by 1 till you find the one that is breaking the game. Other then that  I can't really offer you much considering no one else is having these issues and I am unable to replicate the problem myself.
    If you do find a solution I encourage you to post it as it may help somebody in the future.
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