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  1. Manike

    GMC Savana Police Transport MODEL WIP

    Makes my game crash, seems like an outdated model
  2. Game freezes and then crashes after accepting a callout
  3. Manike

    Traffic Control

    Makes my game crash after going on-duty
  4. Manike

    Very bright lights

    Everything in my game is really really bright, Taxi lightbar, police lights etc. I don't know what caused it though. Any solution? https://imgur.com/a/ZXSIZ << Pictures
  5. Nice, thanks bud Imma test it out now EDIT: It worked, everything seems fine. I'm not having the on-duty problem and everything seems to run fine, thank you.
  6. Nice, thanks bud Imma test it out now
  7. Manike

    crashing in game after few mins

    Hmm, maybe that's my problem to. Thanks for the heads up buddy :) You should follow my thread to, a guy is helping me. Maybe you could get some help to from him if nobody will respond here, but be patient! :)
  8. There you go :) https://imgur.com/a/DVem5 Make sure to scroll down to see 2nd picture
  9. Manike

    crashing in game after few mins

    Relatable If you do have vehicle models or anything like that you maybe should update your gameconfig if that is what could cause it. I'm not sure, also try this: Go into your Windows settings and click on the gaming option. On the first tab called Game Bar, uncheck/turn everything off. On the Game DVR, do the same thing by unchecking/turning everything off except for the last option of Capture your mouse cursor while recording. Good luck! :)
  10. So, when i first started playing LSPD:FR i didn't have to many plugins and the game was running perfectly. When i added much more plugins the game started to have difficulties. Problem 1: This happens often but not always, when i go on-duty the plugins load in and then i get a message saying: And from there LSPD:FR gives up and i need to reload the plugin which may result in getting this message again Problem 2: Sometimes after playing around 10 minutes to 1 hour the game freezes and crashes or LSPD:FR stops working. I started having these problems after i added several plugins because i wanted to sauce up the game. I have turned off everything in the Windows Game Settings, fixed GameConfig (for my models) Is the only solution to this is to remove some plugins? Or is there any other solution? My PC isn't the problem by the way, it can handle the game at high settings with decent FPS so i'm pretty sure it's not my computer. I mean if removing plugins is the only solution then i don't have any choice, but i see all these youtubers with SEVERAL plugins, mods and vehicle models and still they're game is 100% problem free RPH Log File: https://pastebin.com/RLzrs8ue
    Doesn't even work, when i start any type of event LSPDFR crashes immediately. Not even one event works, horrible
  11. Yeah well it's crashing alot compared to like 2 days ago, i'm gonna check it out EDIT: Didn't work, hmm Ahh, gameconfig is the limit for downloaded cars and stuff? I'll check that soon
  12. Ahh okay thanks so much, i was just gonna test it but it crashed haha, restarting it now