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  1. I have a question and a problem. My question is that my EUP folder is in update.rpf but I installed it through openIV. Is that OK? Second, I noticed that EUP does not save any of the uniforms that I save for my second character, is there a way to fix this issue?
  2. Legion672

    Blaine County Ghost Mini-pack

    The 2016 charger is from BradM's LSPD pack, the 2016 Explorer is from FRGamer
  3. Legion672

    [ELS] Unmarked CVPI [First Release]

    It looks cool but it's so similar to a good number of cvpi's that have already been released by people with a much larger reputation who are known for producing solid models (not implying your model isn't solid). I would have done a little more to make this model stand out. Good effort though.
  4. Legion672

    Blaine County Ghost Mini-pack

    I'll send you a dm that'll explain
  5. Legion672

    [ELS] 2018 Charger LethBridge Police Department

    Gotcha, just seemed a bit odd so I wanted to clarify.
  6. Legion672

    [ELS] 2018 Charger LethBridge Police Department

    I just wanted to make sure but are those yellow lights in the headlights the hazards or do you have amber lights in the front?
  7. Legion672

    Blaine County Ghost Mini-pack

    Are you asking where the skin is installed so it will appear in game or where in the page do you install? Are you asking where to install the skin so it appears in game or where on the page do you install it?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I was getting bored of the white decals I was previously used and figured it was time to go the stealth route so I present to you the Blaine County Ghost decals! These decals are subdued enough for lower visibility while running radar with some additions to ensure that your presence is known while on your stop at night. This pack as it stands includes the following: -2016 Dodge Charger -2016 Ford Explorer If this mini-pack does well my plans are to add the following: -2014 Dodge Charger -2016 Chevy Tahoe -Ford Crown Vic -Ford Taurus As usual these decals have fit on a vast majority of models that I have tested but I cannot promise that they will work for every model so if you have a particular decal that you are fond of I suggest backing it up. If you enjoy these models or have a request/comment/suggestion feel free to leave it down below! Happy patrolling, stay safe out there!
  9. Legion672

    LSPD Megapack

    Version 1.0.0


    I have been using these decals for a while and figured there might be other people out there who would enjoy these as much as I do so introducing the Los Santos Black and White decals! This pack includes normal black and white patrol decals as well as supervisor decals for those who want to show off their status along with blue line license plates. This model includes the following vehicles: Patrol: - Ford Crown Vic - Ford Taurus - 2013 Ford Explorer - 2016 Ford Explorer - 2016 Dodge Charger Supervisor: - Ford Crown Vic - Ford Taurus - 2013 Ford Explorer - 2016 Dodge Charger These are the only models that I use in game so these are the only decals that I plan to make. These decals have worked with a vast majority of models that I have used so there is no one specific template that you need, however I can't guarantee that this is going to work for every model so make sure you back up your current decals if you have ones that you are particularly fond of. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Legion672

    Detective 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

    I know it's a detective model so it's not supposed to have a ton of lights but in this case I think it might be better to include some in the back or even additional lights in the grille. Just a thought though. I'm sure there are a bunch of people out there who won't have a problem with it.
    I love this Explorer. It's got a ton of lighting without going overboard like some of the other models out there and it's got several varieties so it's difficult to find a version that you wouldn't like. If this FPIU ever gets a lightbar you'll have the perfect line up.
  11. I'm not exactly sure I know what this plugin is for. I watched that video and all it seems to do is put in a different ped model that you can play as. It might be beneficial to explain a little bit about the plugin so people know what they're installing.
  12. Legion672

    2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility LSCSO

    I love that it's got a large amount of lighting but doesn't go overboard like some of the other models out there. If a pack is released with this style of lighting I'll definitely be using them in my game! Only thing that can make this model more perfect is all blue lighting option! Solid car, great job!
  13. Legion672

    [ELS] Los Santos County Police Pack

    Not knocking what you did, as I said it's more just being nitpicky. Over all it looks good and I think both vehicles with lightbars are solid stand alone vehicles. I'm just seems to make more sense if the vehicles in the same pack had the same lightbar. You might be able to get away with different lightbars in a larger pack but it stands out more in a smaller pack like this one if that makes sense. Good job though! Keep it up!
  14. Legion672

    [ELS] Los Santos County Police Pack

    This is more being nitpicky, but it may be better if you use the same lightbar for all models in your pack to give it more of a uniformed look, especially when they're modeled after the same department. I think it'll make the pack more appealing going forward. Just a suggestion though.