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  1. Having an issue with the pistol not showing up when reholstering, anyway to fix this ?
  2. I'll do that shortly, however, I realized it's not just STP. LSpdfr.dll crashes when I use interaction menu to get them out the car as well.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Everytime I conduct a traffic stop and ask the ped to get out the car LSPDFR.dll crashes. I completely reinstalled LSPDFR and it still does the same thing.
  4. Been having an issue with STP when I ask a ped to get out of the vehicle. As soon they open the door LSPDFR crashes. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. What plugin is it exactly?
  6. I recently responded to a Traffic Stop Backup call where I was shot at by police AI. Not sure how I would go about fixing this. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks. Edit: the police AI did stop shooting at me after the suspect died and the callout ended.
  7. Now that you mention it, transporting them would be tedious after a while. Maybe , just going back to the prison they were transported to and them being in the cell still would be awesome.
  8. i wonder if the court system will be integrated into .4. It would be pretty cool to take someone to prison and then in 2 game days have to take then to court(city hall in Davis)for sentencing.
  9. Can someone point me in the right direction to begin creating skins for vehicles and uniform textures for peds? I have a lot of free time thanks to my line of work and would like to contribute to the community. Also, if this is in the wrong thread please let me know. Thanks and blessings.
  10. Definitely would like to see police back up following you around in a patrol vehicle. Ex. A meetup to debrief and then head to suspect location.
  11. Did the reinstall, still no luck. I'll try removing the adjusters and see what happens.
  12. Can anybody help me figure out why my Computer+ screen looks like this? This happened after installing the latest gameconfig,heap adjuster and pack file limit adjuster. I never had this problem before when I just had a gameconfig installed.
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