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  1. Blazing

    [DEV] 2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Remastered

    Amazing, just have one issue if someone could help... https://gyazo.com/c7f2a7459a638cb9f03b3a455e578388 The tahoes chevy logo is templated, i changed the color of it and it changes the interior from black to brown no matter what color i change it to it always changes it to brown.
  2. Blazing

    Trunk Cabinet With Props

    Love the body vest !
  3. Blazing

    San Andreas Emergency Service Ped Pack

    Question, is there a way to get the Traffic Vest and normal vest for highway in the game at once
  4. Blazing

    Sandy Shores Fire Station upgrade

    Ever think about doing one for paleto bay? That would be great!
  5. Blazing

    Maryland State Trooper

    Great but i would change the hat , make it a little more realistic!
  6. So I'm attempting to make a non els unmarked ford interceptor utility and I'm having a little bit of trouble. I was watching the only 2 videos that have been uploaded on how to make a non els police car and those are extremely confusing. I was wondering if anyone would be helpful enough to call me on discord and walk me through it. I hope I'm not asking to much from anyone but i would really appreciate it! Discord : Blazing#3116
    Can you make this for these vehicles please!
  7. Blazing

    Christmas Tree 2013 Tahoe pack

    Think you can make it non els?
  8. I want to make a basic non els unmarked charger for me and my friends but idk how. Like I do it and they flash but they stay on 24/7 and the glass on it looks like it pops out. If someone can link me a tutorial or dm me that will be great, thank you
    Great pack but can someone unlock the K9 car so I can change the skin?
  9. I need help on making a car on zmodeler3. I'm willing to pay someone to help me create a nice unmarked or marked police car (charger, tarus etc.). Contact me on here or
  10. Blazing

    Whelen Patriot (IV/V)

  11. So I'm sort of new to Zmodeler3 but not a total noob. So I attempted to make my own GTA5 Tarus police car and I put multiple lightbar's on and the same thing happen's. I load into the game after exporting it with the extra_1 , extra_2, etc. But when I load into the game and I press J three times to turn it on, nothing lights up but the tail lights. If anyone can help me that would be amazing. My Skype is : BlazingFire02 , My discord is : BlazingFire02#3116 Or you can contact me on here. ^^ I linked those in case u wanted to call and share screen's!