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  1. How can I fix this problem? Every time I download files, this will appear again and again.
  2. HaDoCk987

    The LSPDFR award

    I see. Or create prizes?
  3. I thought of an idea. Maybe LSPDFR administrators can create rewards for people who are active in LSPDFR? Once a year? At least this is an encouragement to the creators.
  4. Will you create a police partner mod? (I just wanna to know.)
  5. Is anyone have cheep callouts v1.3.12.6? It seems be deleted. If you wants to send it to me privately, please send it to my e-mail "yaas911019@yahoo.com.tw"
  6. Can you let Coroner have the ability to show the cause of death?
    Although Albo1125's plugins is very excellent, but your plugins is more realistic than his. For example, "put the ped in car" have more detail.
  7. HaDoCk987

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Request fire department? So I don't have to call 911 in the event of a fire.
  8. HaDoCk987


    @PeterUIf I translate the XML file, it will be like this↓
  9. @BejoIjoIn the latest version, if you already open the menu, and then click the right mouse bottom, sometimes it won't show up again. Also, I hope that you will not be knocked down by these errors. Just keep working
  10. HaDoCk987


    @PeterUCan you add a option to turn off verification check? Because I want to translation the XML file.
  11. @Albo1125Can you add a button to turn the siren up? At the same time, it can be heard by farther NPC.
  12. I found the answer. It's about SearchWarrant. Because I translate the general.XML file.
  13. HaDoCk987


    What time will Automatic Roadblocks 2 comes out? Or it need to buy?
  14. Why can't I "Stop The Ped" in v2.0.0, but it works in v1.8.2? The RagePluginHook.log didn't show any errors (It's not about PeterUCallouts' errors) RagePluginHook.log