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  1. https://gyazo.com/c80582a7132328aeed4b716bef9a01af Getting this with downloading.
    Just tried out this vehicle in FiveM! It works so awesome thank you so much for making this! You are very talented and should make more vehicles!
  2. I thought there was a whole pack sad face but still love this car though!!
  3. I love these cars! The only thing i have that makes me mad is that the advisors on not on code 3? Is there any way i can make them on code 3?
    Okay i am giving this 5 stars because of all of the hard work and how good these cars look! Thanks you! I love the way they look and the lightbar is amazing.
    So i did a in game test of all the cars and these ARE AMAZING!!!!! Like the skins and the cars are just so pretty! Thank you for an awesome release!!
  4. I love the ped!! But what is that car skin i love it!!
    I love these textures! Hope you can make a pack one day! Maybe add TSU and Supervisor ones too!
    Love these they look freaking amazing hope I can try these out soon! Well i love these liveries so please add more lol
    I tried out these models and I love them! I recommend to add rambars to all the vehicles. The vehicles are very nice and I love the skins. My only thing is the Slicktop Charger the inner lightbar in the back is really dim but other than that amazing pack! Thanks you.
  5. Question? Is there a way I can change the color of the skins on all vehicles??
  6. Do these models not support skins i put new skins on the cars and its not showing them in the yft?
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