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  1. I am completely out of ideas. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled not only EUP menu but EUP Law and Order as well numerous times. However I am still told I do not have Law and Order Installed, even after Installing the OIV. I do not have Serve and Rescue installed so no problems there. Anyone have any idea? EUP and Law and Order worked great for months then all of a sudden, I am told I do not have it installed.
  2. saying I don't have law and order installed although I uninstalled EUP completely several times and reinstalled as well. Any advice?
    Absolutely loving these regional models with the legend. I prefer valor but mans these look great. Please, keep 'em coming!
  3. which 2009 charger is the skin made for?
  4. Will this pack worth all of of BradM’s state pack?
  5. Anybody know a good texture pack that’ll work with these?
    Amazing pack. PLEASE add a FPIU. That would be an awesome addition.
  6. i have the same question. very confused but im probably just dumb
  7. Dang, wish i knew that before i had to reinstall my entire'mods' folder. but thank you for future reference, much appreciated
  8. so you cannot use winrar to install els?
  9. The asi file has been saying it is corrupt for several weeks now
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