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  1. Ophois47

    Old School LAPD Detectives

    I've been trying to hard to convert this to a .ydd so I can use it with the EUP holster mod because I need revolvers for my old school agents SO badly. Any help on this would be so greatly appreciated.
  2. Ophois47

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    Trying to replace one with a revolver model, which I have, but it's a .ydr as opposed to a .ydd and Im wondering if anyone can help me out with converting that. Thanks!
    Essential. Hoping for revolvers next.
  3. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop

    Absolutely fantastic and necessary model. Will not leave my game no matter what.
  4. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop

    Hey just curious how to add new liveries. I've tried combinations like "Livery_sign_#" "Cap_sign_#" "Caprice#" "Caprice_#" haha thanks for any help, sorry if its something obvious Im just completely missing.
  5. Ophois47

    Cop Holster

    Essential! Next hopefully revolvers!
  6. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop Police Skin

    Oh man the fault certainly isnt on your end and I greatly appreciate you looking into it for me also! You're right tho I kept that all black skin on there for a while haha a light stone silver would look perfect on that car too. Thanks again for a fantastic livery. Once I figure that out Ill make sure to blast the information loud and clear.
  7. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop Police Skin

    Well I sincerely do appreciate the help but it unfortunately wont work with any combination I can think of including those. I just get an all black skin now so at least I figured out how to do the unmarked lmao but unfortunately, for now, I can only have one livery at a time on this model it seems.
  8. Ophois47

    [4k] City Of Paleto Bay Police Pack

    Absolutely wonderful. This livery will never leave my CVPI.
  9. Ophois47

    International Durastar Ambulance [ELS]

    Thank you so much for this! This will help me out a lot in the future
  10. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop Police Skin

    Haha no problem but then that seems to replace the origional. Id like to keep a couple liveries in my .ytd. Like on others how it would be "exp_sign_1" "exp_sign_2" , 3, etc, or "cvpi_sign_1",2,3. Would this just be "Caprice1" "Caprice2" "Caprice3" and so on? Sorry if this is something super obvious that Im just completely missing haha I really appreciate the help I love this skin for one of my local departments and I also wanna make a few unmarked skins for that caprice model!
  11. Ophois47

    2013 Caprice Slicktop Police Skin

    Sorry but what do I rename the Livery to so that the Impala recognizes it? Caprice is the only way it recognizes the original. Is it something like Caprice_1, or _2 or something? I've tried a few combos, cant seem to get any other skins to work, FLAG_HAS_LIVERY is taken care of in vehicles.meta and so on. Thanks!
  12. Ophois47

    International Durastar Ambulance [ELS]

    This is hands down the most wonderful looking ambulance model my game has had the honor of being graced with, thank you for this!
  13. Ophois47

    International Durastar Ambulance [ELS]

    Best ambulance model I've used or seen. Hoping to find the textures for red lights tho if anyone can help me out!
  14. Ophois47

    Federal Signal Touchmaster Delta

    Where can someone new learn to install these?