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  1. Crusader0192

    Tractor Drawn Aerial (TDA) / Tiller Mini-Pack [ELS][VG+]

    What fire mod are you using? Looks quite interesting, I can't seem to find a good firefighting mod that has good fires like those in your screenshots.
  2. Crusader0192

    Game crashes while loading (only with lspdfr installed)

  3. The title says it all to be honest. I install LSPDFR, launch with Rage Plugin Hook and it crashes. So I try launching through Steam. No RPH. Still crashes. So I uninstall LSPDFR and it works perfectly. I've tried: Verifying game files restarting pc everything under the sun except uninstalling game. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Crusader0192


    Would it be possible to get a link to the sound file?
  5. Crusader0192

    Modern North Yankton Helicopter

  6. Lol, I got a weird question. What font was used?
  7. Crusader0192

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    Ahhh alright I gotcha. Appreciate the response!
  8. Crusader0192

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    Any way possible for the Ladder script to work with FiveM? Thanks!
  9. Crusader0192

    Brute Pony - 90s LSFD Ambulance

    I'm an idiot. My apologies
  10. Crusader0192

    Brute Pony - 90s LSFD Ambulance

    Possibility to get a template?
  11. Crusader0192

    Fire & EMS Pack [ELS]

    Hey! (Before I start: LOVE THE PACK!!!) So, I hate to state things that are probably already known but here goes. I seem to teleport into the trucks. The doors won't open and I won't climb in. Model issue or did i screw something up? Lol!
  12. Crusader0192

    Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack

    I'm having some trouble with the lights......they wont turn on
  13. Crusader0192

    Police Maverick Mapped

    so, when ever i install this and attempt to run my game, my game crashes. Any ideas?
  14. Crusader0192

    LSPDFR Computer+

    So im not sure if its a problem or not but when i search for a suspect a picture doesnt pop up by their name