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  1. Hmmm the link in the PDF brings me to a different gameconfig. this will work thank you no wonder i was getting confused
  2. Ive been away for several months and started from scratch. Everytime I do this, i always just follow Albos tutorials, the problem is. The new version ofcourse does not match the mod version. In the read me he says to get the updated gameconfig.xml, there are more than one and they are all outdated. Which one do you use to replace the one in game? I see several people having problems, but they seem a little varied in answers. I tried to get help on discord but no one has given an answer.
  3. Sorry about the mix up, i tried to edit my post but im not sure why it quoted to someone else. then double quoted again. Anyway, Just look over your meta, everything has to be exact or it will mess up. And this modd is very useful for making addon vehicles or replacement. I like it bc you can simply make any vehicle a addon. After you do a few, it will get really easy. Also, when you find the problem please report back, it may help someone else in the future
  4. Are you typing FBI3 to Spawn? If its not coming up, i would guess you did not rename everything in the vehicle meta. Im only guessing as an example, you see everything renamed in my POLICE6 slot <modelName>police6</modelName> <txdName>police6</txdName> <handlingId>POLICE3</handlingId> <gameName>POLICE6</gameName> NOTE: this should be in the MODDING vehicle.meta bc you are adding not replacing. If you are just replacing like police3, then you dont need a vehicle meta as it will use the games file. YOu will still need the carvariations though. Did that make sense? Ignore this
  5. I have this as an addon and a slot unit. Its easy to do with ablos modding.
  6. Sorry to hear that it was lost, but hey, thank you for the work you are doing now. We appreciate it.
  7. I hate to be "that guy" but would you be willing to pump out a VALOR version of this? I already have your other two models(Marked Taurus,cvpi) and waiting for the update on the ST.
  8. I may be wrong, but i believe i have spotted them in DOJ.
  9. It will grow on you, it took some time for me to get use to it. Now i kinda like it, but California light patterns are still a little boring IMO. This pack is probably the most realistic pack for people who want California vehicles though. Its one of the best packs in LSPDFR
  10. Are you sure you put the XML in correct area? ELS/pack_default
  11. They are California modeled vehicles, they are suppose to do that. I think Cali has a law that emergency vehicle have one steady burn. Go back a few pages and you will see everyone discussing California law for emergency vehicles :)
  12. I posted in wrong section sorry. DELETE
  13. Mr.KoteJ helped someone with this a page back. set their pattern to 0 in carcols.ymt Credit to him if it works for you
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