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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from Pavy in Lag   
    You're correct
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Pavy in Lag   
    Buddy I have been researching this forever and unless you have 2 gtx 1080ti's with sli, you won't get near 50-60fps. 
    Also an extremely good Processor.
    Just look at the most popular lspdfr youtubers, Steve, polecat,buggs,jeff,first30,acepilot. They don't get that high fps and if they do its because
    they play north of los santos because there are less buildings and traffic.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Cyan in How to find what is causing the lag in LSPDFR+Plugins?   
    With that CPU, and that amount of LSPDFR plugins, I would expect to see the framerate drops you are receiving. A lot of script modifications are CPU taxing, and you have a fairly old CPU.
    I would monitor your CPU% usage whilst playing, if it shows ~100% CPU, you know you are being bottlenecked by it.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to rubenio1 in Zlib Message | Game Crash   
    For the standalone, Rockstar Warehouse version: Hit "Start", "Run", and type "cmd" without the quotes. Hit enter. Type "cd c:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V" without the quotes in the cmd window that pops up. Hit enter. Note: If you’ve installed the game to a different directory, enter that directory instead. Type "GTAVLauncher.exe -verify" in this window (no quotes again) and hit enter. For the Steam version: Right click the game in the “Library” tab. Click “Properties”. Click the “Local Files” tab. Click “Verify integrity of game cache…” Your computer will check all your files, this can take a while. After that, it must be solved. (it will recover corrupted files)
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Texas school shooting   
    Riley, what's your solution? The fact of the matter is that guns were more easily accessible in the 19's, and the gun culture was identical but there were little to no school mass shootings. We aren't drowning in guns? What would you rather have? A bunch of unarmed civilians and single women who can't bear arms, because your feelings were hurt? More guns do not equal more crime, gun ownership has been increasing since the 1950's, as gun violence and homicides have decreased. Do you care about facts? Vermont and New Hampshire are the safest states in the US with the strongest gun culture, Chicago has gun homicide rates way higher than those states. You are probably going to say "Well the guns in Chicago came from other states like Indiana". Even if you remove the amount of gun homicides committed with guns from other states Chicago still has higher rates than many other states.  You have to be more specific than "drowning in guns", but it is hard to be specific when the facts aren't on your side. Many countries are drowning in gun homicides, regardless of their gun control laws. Gun laws often create an underclass, in fact that was the first intentions of gun control in the US to keep free African Americans and former slaves from bearing arms. 
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Ezra in Strange textures appearing in sheriff slow   
    Just to save the headache, also delete pranger.ytd, lguard.ytd, riot.ytd, and firetruk.ytd.
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from Ezra in Strange textures appearing in sheriff slow   
    I love you guys. thanks. 
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    SpikeTerm reacted to L1MITED in Strange textures appearing in sheriff slow   
    Go to update\x64\dlcpacks\NVR_emissive\dlc.rpf\x64\textures.rpf\ and delete sheriff.ytd
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Houston officer kills unarmed man walking w/ trousers down   
    LOL. Since when did someone start recording immediately and presented the entire situation? Very few. Look at the most controversial ones, like Michael Brown it wasn't on camera but the entire situation was lied about by Michael Brown's friends and the entire media was jumping on board with the racist police story when there was no evidence or racism. People claimed he had his hands up, the autopsy showed he didn't have his hands up and wasn't shot by police in the back. There are few these days  that show the entire story and truly show an outright murder. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in California Deadly Force Bill   
    If you believe someone has a gun, you can't try "non-lethal techniques". It doesn't work that way, split second decisions are going to be made. Legislation in regards to this is just another political stunt done by the state of California. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from BlueLineBacker in Louisville Kentucky Officer Involved Shooting [Apr.2018]   
    I bet people will still complain and cry racism. 
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Original Light in Was the Ford Crown Victoria the best police car ever?   
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
    But a majority of people consider it to be among the best service cars ever designed. It was roomy, it was cheap, it was durable (and predictable as to what was going to break), and easy to work on. They were also slower than they should have been in the later generation (Ford should have upped the horsepower), and the handling was okay for a large car. Those were the two primary negatives. And they sure as hell didn't look new, either. They kept the same appearance from 1998 to 2011. If you tell someone that you own a 2011 Crown Victoria, they would most likely ask "Ford made 2011 Crown Vics!?!?" 
    Ford chose to neglect the car due to a global shift in increasing SUV sales and smaller FWD/AWD sedans.
    I know someone who runs a livery service with Lincoln Town Cars (same car, different badge) that put 500,000 miles on the original engine and transmission, other than replacing an intake manifold (they're notorious for leaking after abuse), and timing chains. They were also great taxi cabs after police service. 

    But the main thing is, most of its buyers were fleet buyers (90% in fact in the final model years). The general public did not want the car after the early-mid 2000's (other than the large cult following crowd it has in the United States and elsewhere). That's because it was incredibly outdated. If Ford did update it, I'd imagine it would of had more respectable sales figures compared to the 1980's and 1990's (the best decades for the panther platform in terms of sales).
    A lot of people here will agree with me, a lot of people will disagree with me. Some people will say the Taurus looks better, the Charger looks cooler, but I can confidently tell you that mechanically speaking (if we're going by engine break-down, straight forward reliability and cost effectiveness) the Crown Vic wins hands down.
    I'm going to do this using facts, not opinion. It used a cast iron block, low compression V8 engine. Something that is extinct. All newer engines use aluminum. Cast iron is significantly more durable, at the cost of displacing less heat and being heavier. A Ford engineer actually told me this (I knew it before, but he reinforced it). Newer engines will often use cast iron in critical areas, and aluminum in other areas, but it's not really the same.
     The lower compression ratio means the engine isn't going to be stressed, in comparison to a twin-turbo high compression EcoBoost engine. The transmissions are composed of 4 gears, significantly less moving parts to fail than your new run of the mill 8-speed automatic. The car rests on a body-on-frame platform, built in the same manner as many full-sized pickup trucks and SUV's. This allows for easier repairs after collisions. Yes, the car uses 1970's technology and design. But after reading this post, maybe 1970's technology is better for police work after all? Think about it.
    I can't sit here and tell you with a smug face that it was the best car ever made, that would be ignorant. But I can sure as hell tell you it's one of the best cars ever made.  Every cop I have talked to told me they liked the Crown Victoria better, especially here in Connecticut. Almost 6 years after discontinuation, it's still the second most common police car here in the state next to the Ford Explorer. That has to say something. And we're a rich state with huge police budgets, plenty of room to buy tons of new cars... but they seem to be holding on.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to sutton901 in State Trooper   
    As someone doing an internship with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol I cannot speak with 100% accuracy but I can tell you what I know. It's gonna be different in each state to a certain extent, but i'll speak on North Carolina HP. So basically here our Trooper's focus on 4 things. Speed, DUI, Wrecks, and seatbelts. Then you take Alaska State Troopers which has a lot more things they do. From what i've seen and heard, State Troopers have a lot more freedom and it's generally a lot less stressful then city or county. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from Officer GILLETTE ABDI in Avicii is Dead   
    This sounds rude, but for once I am actually sad when a celebrity dies. These songs were actually enjoyable to listen to, unlike most artists these days. 
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    SpikeTerm reacted to TheDivineHustle in California Deadly Force Bill   
    You can pass as much legislation as you like, but you can't force people to work under it.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to TylerF in California Deadly Force Bill   
    Prepare to have a mass exodus of cops from California.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Black Jesus in California Deadly Force Bill   
    This is going to change nothing. They know legislation that specifically tells cops when they can use deadly force, won't get passed, so they did this instead. Which makes the politicians involved look good, and makes it seem like there's change going on. But this bill has no meat to it.
    The legislation would change the standard from using “reasonable force” to “necessary force.”
    That means officers would be allowed to shoot only if “there were no other reasonable alternatives to the use of deadly force” to prevent imminent serious injury or death.
    It's just semantics. If an officer feels it was reasonable to use deadly force, then they'll already feel it was impractical to use other methods first, hence them using deadly force.  It's the same use of force law, with an extra step in their reports. They'll just have to add an extra detail about why other tools where impractical to use in that situation. It won't encourage the use of less lethal weapons anymore than actually telling them to use those tools when it's practical to do so.
    Necessary forces leaves the same amount to interpretation. An officer just has to interpret why they felt it was necessary, as opposed to reasonable. This bill changes nothing, but its real goal is working lol
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from Spazbrink in LSPDFR Not Loading   
    I meant to say GTAV, I got it working. I re-installed LSPDFR and  RPH with no avail. I signed out of my computer, and signed back in. After that it worked, It's strange sorry for bothering. I did post before I found out obviously...
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Hastings in NYPD Shoot " Unarmed " Man   
    Guess that when he pointed that pipe at the cops the only alternative they had was to wait and see if any shots are fired. Which would be both stupid and dangerous. Play bad games, win bad prizes I guess. 
    On a separate note, in a country with one of most easily-accessible firearms (in the civilized world) mental health should definitely be a priority. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from ToeBius in Shooting at the Youtube Headquarters   
    I never mentioned gun control, but whatever. The media doesn't prioritize things based upon number of casualties, when a criminal who resisted is shot by police it is on the news all day long, but when a couple of cops or firefighters die its only on for an hour or two. They put stories that make people angry, debatable, and excited in a sense. What are you opinions on gun control anyways? Most people who are calling for gun control have 0 understanding of how firearms work. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from ToeBius in Shooting at the Youtube Headquarters   
    The double standard is more unfair to the right, than the left. I don't mean to be rude, but if you came to the United States from France, and went to a college university for one day in your life you would understand this.
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from alphaDEXi in LSPDFR Not being able to go on duty   
    This is an easy fix.(If you have windows 10 creator)
    Go to windows settings>gaming and turn off everything and uncheck everything.
    Go to DVR as well as well as unchecking and turning off everything. 

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    SpikeTerm reacted to BlueLineBacker in Shooting at the Youtube Headquarters   
    This. Being Conservative or Republican in todays political climate is considered White Nationalism / Nazism. Youtube is unfair with their services but since they are a privately owned company they can do whatever they want legally. It is what it is. 
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    SpikeTerm got a reaction from BlueLineBacker in Shooting at the Youtube Headquarters   
    The double standard is more unfair to the right, than the left. I don't mean to be rude, but if you came to the United States from France, and went to a college university for one day in your life you would understand this.
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    SpikeTerm reacted to Kreemerz in Shooting at the Youtube Headquarters   
    Yeah, it's the double standard that leftism is allowed to have. Dennis Prager posts these great 5 minute videos that discuss politics and our popular social topics and yet he gets a few of his videos demonetized and yanked from Youtube while people post horribly disturbing videos on their site. 
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