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  1. How was that fucking disrespectful? Its simple, theres nothing they can fucking do to help you if your mod got stolen. He was just stating valid points to support his statement, you don't need to be pointing fingers if you don't agree to the statement, instead, you can choose to leave this community if you feel like you dont want your mods stolen.
  2. Constructive criticism: Iighting setup is uneffictive and would not grab peoples attention, Lights will look purple from a distance Heres how I would improve it. Seperate red and blue to one side and another, use simple flashing/ strobe patterns and try to only turn on red/blue at one time Add amber to the back
  3. TL:DR; Bunch of dudes get triggered after their mods got ripped and outraged at G17 staff for "not protecting their files" The staff thinks that it is impossible to protect peoples files on a public website People want to make it private but sam said that its not going to change (Personally, I think if some modders can't take the risk of file getting stolen on a public website, gtfo and quit modding)
  4. also, the string in the charger that hangs your logo is not properly animated, it goes all over the place acting ridiculous which ruins first person driving, think its a bug
  5. I dont think it is a feature anymore
  6. I had bad texture and graphics with my game until I restored every game settings to default and settings in graphics driver, now I am getting solid 45~60 fps even if in pursuit and texture pop in only started after like 2 hours of chases and shootouts.
  7. try to not load lspdfr on startup and see if it works
  8. Its likely not going to get updated, just remove it
  9. You messed up one of the .meta or it is your vehicle mod for fbi2 or both, try restore vehicles.meta, carvariation.met and remove the vehicle mod, if it doesnt work, just redo your mods folder.
  10. Dont know what you are talking about but if you can include a log it would be much easier
  11. I have had experience similar crashes as well, but not to often to the point that it could not be ignored. My game crashes sometimes when I try to interact with the suspect.
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