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  1. Hello again BejoIjo!! I would like to suggest you to add something like a simple road block to this already awesome mod of yours!Spikes are perfect but plz add and a road block Thank you for your dedicated work to this community!
    I played some time with this traffic mod and i have to say that is go0d!Thank you!
  2. plz remove the unnecessary police backup and the callouts will be good
    You are becoming a legend to the lspdfr community my friend!Brilliant mod as always!Thank you so much!
  3. Can you add in the future, the option to search the car too??It will be nice to have it all in one mod THNX! EDIT
  4. Omg this mod man!Its keep getting better and better!The updates and new features are keep coming blazing fast!THANK YOU MUST HAVE mod the end
  5. Albo1125 is a legend on lspdfr.Not only of his MUST have mods to lspdfr BUT for his unbelievable YT videos that helped me and many others to understand modding step by step.Even today when i want to make a fresh lspdfr installation the first thing that i do is to open a browser to "Learn GTA5 Modding Albo's Way | Tutorials, Guides, Installation Help & Tricks" playlist! THANK YOU Albo
  6. Khorio is back!!!!Thank YOU!
    Thank you for the updates!!Great callouts major work you put on this pack!
  7. w0w good job man!Very important mod for me at least!When i will install it i will give the appropriate love in my review!Thnx In Advance!
  8. Oh man you are on fire!!!Keep up the good work!!!!!! GunnDawg you can stop a ped when you are on foot and it is on a not moving car.Before this update you could not EDIT i tested "stopping ped while in vehicle" for 10 minutes and it works like a charm!!!!The ped even goes to the the car and drive after the release!!!Something else i would like to see to this mod is the chance that the stopped ped could run and try to escape in the middle of the check!!!!Thanks for the update!
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