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  1. Thanks! I'll add it to my to-do list. May I ask what all other mods you have installed? One may be incompatible.
  2. Check your anti-virus. Chances are that it's quarantining your GTA V files.
  3. I am unable to replicate this error. Can you walk me through step by step what you did shortly before the crash?
  4. Rage saves old logs in the folder "./Grand Theft Auto 5/Logs". If you can't reproduce it, I can sift through those should you be willing to upload them.
  5. What mods are installed, currently? LSPD5 doesn't delete entities, can you describe their state when they disappear (ex. Handcuffed ped, damaged vehicle, were callouts active, etc) , or provide your Rage logs from that game session? Hilarious! But, this is obviously unintentional. Would you be willing to upload your Rage logs from that game session and an installed mod list?
  6. Thanks! When I can replicate this issue, I'll have a fix out shortly.
  7. This mod causes vehicles and pedestrians that are injured or dead to not be automatically removed from the game world. For instance, your suspect crashes his car and flees a large distance. You shoot him dead. No matter where you go, his vehicle and corpse won't go anywhere. This means that you can call a corner on the corpse, go back to the car and call a tow truck , and they'll do their magic regardless of where you are on the map. As for the EMS issue, This is the first I've heard of it. If you're willing to link me to the mod, and further describe how to reproduce the issue, I'm more than happy to make an attempt to 'fix' it! E: By 'going away', do you mean walking off, or disappearing?
  8. Yes. It's a simple change from "I do NOT Agree" to "I Agree". I'm considering changing it from disabled to limited, though. E: Updated OP to clarify. I should've asked sooner, but is there guidelines regarding such features in place?
  9. It's a personal test to see if the "terms and conditions" diminishes support requests, or just user installs. Chances are that it will be removed pre-version 1.0.
  10. Version v0.3.1a


    About Tired of peds just vanishing after they're dead? Or how about vehicles after your suspect has fled? Scene managing itself before the corner and tow truck arrives? Delete your can of R-P-Gone with LSPD5! Boasting internal memory management, SMART Persistence, and an API to boot, this is the only persistence mod you'll ever need, for all your policing needs! FAQ Q: Where'd all the traffic and people go? A: I don't know! Please report back so I can find out for you. Q: Why are there sometimes abandoned cars in the middle of the road? A: Usually this means a crime was committed and the Ped should be nearby. Features - Peds don't walk off after being revived. They (hopefully) just chill for now. (BETA) - SMART vehicle and ped persistence, with NO performance drop! - API to prevent mod collisions Known Bugs - GTA V sometimes spawns vehicles before it spawns drivers for them. This can cause LSPD5 to unnecessarily persist vehicles when left idle for long periods (hours). - Crash in certain game environments - Possible issues with StopThePed (Fix attempt in v0.3.1a) BOLO's - API Errors/unresponsiveness - Crashes while LSPD5 is loaded - Reductions in natural foot and vehicle traffic - Entities not persisting as long you'd expect - Entities not persisting at all Technical Speak
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